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Sparkle Yourself


Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks’ new movie, Sparkle is coming out on August 17th and we’re giving you the chance to “sparkle” too!

Head over to Whitney Houston’s Facebook to sparkle now. Click here.

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I will wear my Whitney Houston T-Shirt to honor her that day celebrate her life in my day i will miss her very much she is shining down on me with peace in my depths of my heart and soul. Thanks for the memories and your with your heavenly father and your with your loving dad in heaven . Happy Birthday R.I.P Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Your Number 1 Fan Simmone Natasha Joyette

His eye is on the Sparrow on he watches our us..
Today again hearing your voice just fill me with emotions..And then i think didnt we almost have it all only if there was that one moment in time..You will never ever know how much we love and miss you,only if we could reverse time and moment unfortunately that is not part of God's plans..
If heaven could hear me now i hope you know how much love we cherish in our heart for you and we will keep the memories of you alive as that bright and shining star that shines brightly and will never fade or go dim.For always Whitney you are love..

how bittersweet this is.As an ardent fan speechless comes to mind,,trying to describe how I feel,,I have 2 copies of the soundtrack..I've pre-ordered Pat and cissy,s book,,un sure about this book...I would rather have a copy of the movie.I dearly miss Whitney as do countless others...I'll be at the premier of Sparkle and undoubtedly will see it numerous times,,I wish for the same success as the b.g. or more...Hard to believe the truth....Loving Whitney forever...Vee Greene a fan.4 life/Once you go Whitney you never go back...