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The only reason I want to see this remake of a classic is because of my girls Whitney Elizabeth Houston Brown and Jordin Sparks and because I loved the original movie so much and who ever said that Whitney didn't still have a great voice they lied or either hard of hearing I would put her up against any female or male singer for that matter now nobody could touch her. Even at her worst she was still the best singer out there and the best singer of all time period ! Yall were just hating on my girl because could nobody match her haters!

I was probably her biggest fan because I could relate to her as a women and young adult at the time and as a mother our daughters were born 12 days apart Bobbi Kristina is 12 days older then my Noelle Denise and boy we went through pregnancy at the same time and we both had daughters so when she died part of me felt like I lost a family member almost like losing my sister. I really do feel her daughters pain I can only imagine what she is going through right now!

the real fans,the people who actually care about somebody are not those standing cheering all the time leading someone to believe that everything is fine when it's actually not. Her tragic end only shows that not everything was ok,obviously...
Anyway,we are all ready for this last performance that we've been waiting for so long!

I just saw it... I didn't want it to end.... I didn't know if I could do it.... Hold back my years.... I couldn't ..... I STILL miss "HER"..... My heart is still broken.... And when Jorden made her farewell statement while the credits rolled.... I cried.....MISS U WHITNEY.... Thank you for that final offering.... Jammin

:(( Sad( Crying

Saw movienwith friends today at noon in Pittsburgh, PA. Very good! Such talent in Whitney and cast. Didn't leave show without shedding tears. Celebrated my birthday today with Whitney!

As I turned into "Studio Movie Grill", the parking lot was gridlocked and traffic inside the theater was horrific!! I waited in line close to an hour only to hear the announcement over the intercom" The 7:30 show "Sparkle" is SOLD OUT!" I was livid to say the least!! But things happen for a reason, sometimes for good reasons because I get to see "Sparkle" free of charge next weekend along with a lunch courtesy of "Studio Movie Grill".....Although I have to wait until next weekend to see my lady Whitney, I get to see her one last time without the stampede of other people and loud noise!! Thank you Whitney, you knew I needed one last intimate moment with you so that I can see your beautiful face on the big screen and to hear your angelic voice with fewer interruptions!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, just wanted to pass along some great articles/videos by Artisan News on Sparkle. It's great to see Whitney:

Jordin Sparks had great things to say:

The loss still stings...

it will take 2 more months to come here...but i'll do it properly,i'll wait till it comes to the theatres. Been waiting for so long,another 2 months is not that much...
and of course as many others i am really jealous of those who've seen it

I went to the movie last night also. I too went because of Whitney. It was well done, I would've liked to see and hear more of her. The one song she did sing teared me up. All the other actresses/actors did a great job, but I think Whitney's presence is what's going to draw the fans in. I am so sad that she is gone, she had the greatest voice I have ever heard. I can watch her over and over on You tube and she just makes you either smile/or cry.

I really enjoyed Sparkle lastnite. I thought I was goin to cry but I didn't. I did real gud. Whitney was great n sparkle. R.I.P. I only went just to c Whitney.