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The Sparkle: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is Available Today


The Sparkle Soundtrack, featuring Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks is now available on iTunes, Amazon & Whitney's Official Store. Get your copy of the soundtrack today.

Make sure to watch Sparkle in theaters August 17th.

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I get this soundtrack to Sparkle with great sadness because it means the end of my collection of everything that has the wonderful voice of Whitney. But my sadness is not final because I know that Whitney lives and will live forever in all hearts of its millions of fans around the world. Whitney Houston is and always will be the most beautiful voice and unique in the world. I will always love you Whitney!!

DiWhitney, you know I never thought about the "Sparkle" soundtrack being the end of Whitney's musical collection! But now that the thought has been given to the fact that the "Sparkle" soundtrack if the FINAL recording of Whitney's beautiful voice, my heart sunk into my chest and tears streaming down my face right now. Whitney, I'm missing you terribly and just want you back!!!! I can't type anymore; I'm highly emotional right now. Whitney, I love you so much ;-(

Memories of Whitney will last for eternity..She will live on through us who love and cherish her dearly and the next generation to come..In life we dream and wish for so many things.But i know some where in our life more than once we which for that one moment in time and only to realize that it will only be a wish.I will never be able to listen to her songs without sadness
it is so hard to say good bye to yesterday..I think it will be so difficult to go to see "Sparkle" without a deep sadness..Hearing her singing his eye is on the sparrow and he watches our me.God bless you Whitney for the beautiful memories you left with us which will lost for a life time..How will i Know,because i will always love you..But God loves you best and you are one of his beautiful angel and now you are watching over us..Heart You For always....


i luv u soo much i feel ur pain and life is hard now u have gone i will alwayz luv ur songs i wanna dance with somebody and the song which is played in the film the bodyguard luv u too pieces may god bless ur cotton socks thinkin of u every day and night strong memories rest in ma heart.

Kimberly, I had not thought about it. Suddenly my heart sank when I was writing and that's when I realized that Sparkle would be the last recording of Whitney. Then came a great sorrow, I fell into the reality that we live today without Whitney. But then came a thought in my mind, that went like this: no, this is not the end of Whitney! She is immortal! It lives forever within you!! She is happy in the house of our Heavenly Father who loves you more than us!! So I ask all fans of our dear and beloved Diva, we make this site a place where it is eternal forever because it will never be forgotten by us. We will love you always Whitney beautiful!! You are our Angel forever!!

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