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Sparkle Nominated For BET's Best Movie


The Movie Sparkle, featuring executive producer, Whitney Houston, and starring Jordin Sparks is nominated for BET's Best Movie Award. Tune in to the BET Awards on June 30th at 8pm EST, 7pm Central.

Comments (5)

Wow! Whitney deserves to be always among the best!! We, your fans, we will always be here, honoring your name, beautiful Whitney!!

That's right! BET's Best Movie Award nomination. And, soon to be Winner in 2 days! We are all rooting for you, Gurl!

WHAT! Sparkle didn't win, so disheartening...

Sparkle didn't win??!! Ugh! These people can't recognize good work when it plays out in front of them. Well, getting nominated was an honor in itself.

It's sad to know,to think,to say, your idol had past away...Let's pray of whitney's soul... I Love You Whitney! We miss you so much!

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