Sneak Peek at "Million Dollar Bill!" | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Sneak Peek at "Million Dollar Bill!"


Here's a sneak peek at Whitney's newest music video - Million Dollar Bill! Be sure to come back to later today for the premiere of the entire video!

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i glad, waiting is over. Suru? she will do her best.
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I Love this video and I am really enjoying the singles from the new album. I love Whitney and I am just so happy for her and so proud.

I will dance to the whole video while it plays Whitney! Awesome! Hearts~

Whitney, you look great and sound great! Welcome back, you belong here! Love you, Sharon Gonzalez

WELCOME HOME!....We were waiting for this moment! I bought the CD Yesterday and haven't had the earphones off My head since...I must say that WHITNEY has gotten better and Her best days are ahead That (yeah like who doesn't know that?,right,duh?). This CD "I Look to You" is AMAZING!...Very few, if any, could have put that much into their Music or any other Art and have had it come out as Beautifully as Whitney did!...BRAVO! My Favorite is so hard to pick because I LIKE THEM ALL! That's why I have been listening to Her CD since yesterday trying to pick out a Favorite. So far, Track #6 is in the lead. I can really understand and identify with it. I dance every time I hear it!.(listening to it right now)...OK, I PICK #6 "A SONG FOR YOU" IS MY FAVORITE!.. I/WE LOVE YOU WHITNEY!
A Classy Lady, A National Treasure, A DIVA, A BEAUTY to Behold!




Praise the Lord God Almighty. I can see the Lord in you, always have, but now he shines brighter than ever in are fulfilling your purpose. You are an inspiration. Thank you Ms. Houston, thank you.

God Bless You and Yours

i grewup with your voice Whitney and you are a true inspiration. i remember my father watching your videos all day and trying to learn the lyrics in english( my native language is french.) back in africa peoplelove you so much and it is a pleasure to come to the us and have the opportunity to enjoy your voice again." i look to you" inspires me and give me hope. u have no idea how many times i listen to this song a very proud of you as you show the world the true diva you are. i look to you and hope to find what im looking for in this life. thank you and good you much

I just saw the Oprah interview and I'm VERY happy for Whitney. And this song is awesome!

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amazing, makes me feel as if im in another world, keep it up! Smile

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