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Sneak Peek Of GLEE's Whitney Houston Tribute Episode


The GLEE cast is super excited for the Whitney Houston tribute episode that airs tomorrow at 8/7c on FOX. Check out a sneak peek below!

Will you be joining GLEE to celebrate Whitney's music?

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The cast did a good job honoring Whitney.
I will always miss her.

All of us who love Whitney Houston understand that when those moments came in the song where we use to hear her voice soar and explode with clarity, bravado, and power felt a penetrating and effective connection to her. For many of us the first time we heard The Voice was in 1985 when she gave us The Greatest Love of All, and for those of us who remember an evening sitting in front of the TV in 1983 watching the Merv Griffin Show and heard a young girl with the voice of an angel and said wow. We Didn’t Know that on that night we’ll be falling in love, but we did. Merv said it right, “We won’t forget that name, Whitney Houston.”

She was known to the world as The Voice, but was known to her family and friends as Nippy. We got So Emotional because no matter what mood or emotional state we were in she had a song to fit the situation and she was a part of our life. Her songs took you back to a memory or that One Moment in Time. She was with you when you met your Greatest Love of All, When It’s Not Right, but It’s OK, and all the times you Wanna Dance with Somebody. Her music was the soundtrack of our lives.

She was not just a singer but the whole package. She captivated you with her voice, charisma, presence, and her ability to connect with her songs and her audience. Her voice is incomparable for a reason, and that reason is her power, tone, phrasing, range, control and interpretation which was and continues to be unmatched. Her gift was her voice and her talent was her natural ability to put emphasis, and emotion to lyrics to bring life and meaning to words and therefore not just sing but tell a story at the same time. That story telling was the ability to make words mean more than what was set down on paper. It took her voice to infuse them with deeper meaning so that when people heard them they sled through the brain and went straight to the heart giving her the most emotionally based, heartfelt voice the world has ever heard.

She give us so much and enriched the lives of millions with her voice. Though I never met her she was a part of my life for 27yrs and I feel as if I lost a close friend and relative. She touched the hearts of a world.

With our deepest appreciation, respect and admiration for all that you did we say we Will Always Love You and thank you for sharing with us your greatest gift The Voice.

They did a great job with How will i kmow?