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Share the First Time You Saw Whitney Houston Perform


Whitney Houston was one of the world’s greatest performers. Do you remember the first time you saw her perform? Share a video of yourself talking about your experience in any language. Your video could be chosen to be a part of a special announcement coming soon! Click here to learn more and submit your video.

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The first time I heard Whitney Houston, here in Brazil was when she burst into the world with the success The Greatest Love Of All. I shuddered throughout and, asked me: My God, that voice is this??? From that song, I wanted to know all about this wonderful singer, of angelic voice. I started buying everything he had, his voice, and even today, I buy all of my beautiful, and unforgettable, unparalleled Super Diva !!! I have a complete collection, of Whitney, and I'm waiting for more new stuff on my unique, The Voice. I will always love you my, Nippy Angel!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Omg, where do I begin. The first time I heard this beautiful woman sing live was at a concert in Madison square gardens in NYC in the 90's! That was the absolute best day of my life. I will never forget when my best friend told me that we were going to see my 80's black Barbie doll singing up close and live. I remember crying the entire time since she step foot onto the stage. I just stood there weeping tears of joy, excitement and gratitude. Hearing and seeing her actually singing live wasn't even close to what the rest of the night had in store for me. I got a chance to meet my beautiful black Barbie doll back stage! Oh to feel the gentle touch of her beautiful hands and her warm hugs. I cried uncontrollably. To hear her soft voice speak words of wisdom and love to my best friend and I is something I will never fathom. Whitney Houston was full go humor, happiness, life and most of all, she was love! Whitney, I love and miss you dearly.

I never got the chance to see Whitney live though I wish I did. Oh how I wish I did, I cannot tell you how much. I was only a baby when she was touring in the early 90's... but I grew up singing her music. By the time I was in high school I finally saved the little money I had and bought my first CD.... her latest record, Just Whitney. I went to college singing those tunes... actually every time those songs from that album comes on, I get taken back to my first college year. I still never got a chance to see her live. With news and allegations about her personal addictions and pain on the rise in the media, I remember always praying that she gets through it and that she makes the biggest comeback of all. Then when 'I Look To You' came out I knew in my heart that my dream was one step closer to coming true. I remember when she went on GMA to sing Million Dollar Bill and I Look to You from Central Park in NYC, I watched from Los Angeles and cried. All the years of watching this woman be as resilient as she is... I knew if anyone could overcome this, it would be her. She was so happy, and healthy, and beautiful on that stage.
Whitney is a one of a kind. Her music has touched my heart and changed my life more than she'll ever know. I hate that she's no longer with us.
As heartbroken as I am to never ever get to see her perform or ever hear a new sound from that voice again, I know that God wanted his precious angel back and that she is finally at peace. Whitney, I love you and I will always love you.

Barbra Streisand is already planning the duets with ladies. One of those ladies is the late iconic Whitney Houston.

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The first time I heard Whitney Houston was in 1982 or 83, I'm not exactly sure of the year, but it was on MTV, (remember when they did no advertising when they first started airing?) I was in total awe of how beautiful her voice was as well as she was. That was a song I stopped doing everything for when I heard it. As a young girl I wanted to be just like her, as I am sure I wasn't the only girl with that wish. I Will Always Love You was the song for my and my husbands wedding. I truly miss Whitney everyday and God bless her and her family. She will always be in my heart. RIP Beautiful lady. We Will Always Love You. Gods Peace be with you always.

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