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Remembering Whitney


Today we pay tribute to Whitney's brilliant life and career. Click here to share your favorite memories of Whitney. #RememberingWhitney

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She was a talent I would never forget someone who has touch me in a very special way who has put in a warmth in my heart that came and never left I so thankful for all she did and left behind for all of us to cherish and remember forever.

WHITNEY..what a tremendous honor to say that I am ur biggest fan and my heart was devastated to lose you so early in life..we are so grateful for the legacy that u built and left for us to treasure...GOD has summoned you HOME to serenade HIM personally without piano guitar or other instrument..How do we survive without u..ur music keeps us wanting more..your beautiful movies and videos keep us reflective of additional talents that were once hidden but warm our hearts in ur absence..i pray that ur soul is resting with JESUS because u loved him totally.WE LOVE YOU Whitney and within our hearts we are assured that you loved us back as you so elegantly reminded us at each musical performance.R.I.P. Beloved as we cherish your memory ALWAYS......

2 years now it still hurts and you are still being missed love!!!!

Mi amada Whitney! Hace 2 años partiste al cielo para continuar con tu legado musical ante Dios. Te recuerdo y te llevo en mi corazón. Te admiro y te quedas conmigo en mi corazón y mis pensamientos. Gracias por alegrar mis días con tus canciones y agradezco a Dios por permitirme disfrutar tu majestuosa VOZ. Hoy y siempre eres y serás LA MEJOR artista de todos los tiempos... Con cariño... Edgar Gutierrez Valdes de México D.F.

Your courage, beauty, charm and story gives me strength today to be the best man that I can be. It has been two long years that you've been gone, but your voice remains in my heart and soul... - Operakid- New York City

Missing you so much. There is great comfort in being able to watch your movies and videos. R.I.P. Whitney. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.....

This is for sister sissy Houston first praise God for you and your daughter whitney fame and popularity was the thing that impress me the most about her but her love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was the most important thing that meant the world that's what I love the most about whitney. On the 28th of Jan 2014 we had a baby girl and we name her Whitney Houston as well we pray that as we raise our daughter that the love of Christ as well be the guide to her live May God bless you and forever keep you in the hollow of his hand.

Yours in Christ Jesus
Bro. Bobby Ray Houston and Family

Every now and then I will get sad thinking about Whitney's death and what she would have been like if she were still with us. She had a profound effect on me and everybody else. There was just something about her. I have never seen anybody like her since. To me there's only one Whitney Houston! RIP Whitney!

Does anyone know if Whitney had a sister? I know it sounds strange, but I had a dream the other night about them and I'm just trying to get some clarity