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Relive Your Favorite Whitney Moments


You can now experience your favorite Whitney moments by heading over to Whitney's TIMELINE. Start from the beginning of her journey and relive the great memories of Whitney's career. You can now view photos, performances, articles & different milestones.

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dear mama whitney i luv u and i miss u i know that u are with our god the lord and saver you will always be in my heart and soul u will always live on though us but god wanted u home with him u are in a better place now i look to you always and u will always be my mamawhitney no matter what i will always love u dearly my angel whitney

Kimberlyn and Whiterabbit been away these days from our favorite site, because of work and study, but my heart was in prayer for you before our God, asking for protection not only for you but also for all of this nation who are going through difficult times because of Hurricane Sandy. Kimberlyn'm so glad you're safe and sound the damage and suffering caused this hurricane in your city. I have a special affection for it is also the city of our beloved Diva Whitney. May God continue to bless all of you, because He is good and true friend!!!

For me there is no one favorite moment of Whitney, all its moments are wonderful and incredibly phenomenal. All moments of Whitney are and will always live forever in our lives. Whitney is very much alive in my life through his music. In my house just because she sings only her beautiful voice, makes my soul peaceful. Whitney is an Angel and Angel lives in eternity!!

Fans of Whitney, I know that this site is not what I'm going to ask you, but I ask you all an exception to my request. Please vote for Barak Obama!! Here in Brazil we are all hoping to win it and I think Whitney also rooting for him. God bless America!!

DiWhitney, thank you for your interest and concern for our country. You are so considerate and thoughtful. Yes, I urge everyone to vote for Obama.

Times are extremely rough here in New Jersey...I have no power, no heat, and the public transportation is not running accordingly. I'm here at a local library checking in with all my wonderful friends here on this site. Please pray for us here in the NY/NJ metropolitan area...we really need your prayers! So much sadness and anger running through people minds. For me, I'm all over the place, I'm still dealing with the loss of my mother, and now this Sandy Storm has rocked my world as well. Lately, all I've been doing is sitting in my car listening to Whitney's sweet angelic voice. Her music speaks to me and I listen with closed eyes. Sometimes, I wish I had a time capsule to enjoy the wonder years of when my mother and Whitney were both with us on this earth....I smile just thinking about those memories. DiWHitney, you're so sweet! Yes, I early voted and of course, for OBAMA! This country need to move forward not revert back to the times of "Economic Depression"

So wonderful to hear from you, Kimberlyn36! "Miracle" is a great song to listen to right now, remembering the video Whitney made for it; about everyone helping eachother. I was just thinking this morning how I wish we could turn back time to when Whitney was fresh and new to us. In 1984, she appeared on a British dance show singing "How Will I Know". She wore a white top, black jacket, black jeans, white high-top sneakers, and a white headband. Very little make-up, just enough to bring out her eyes. She looked so adorable, laughing, having a great time, high on life and nothing else. Those were the days! God, I miss her. The Barista @ Starbuck's asked me this morning how she died. She told her co-worker, "Ohhh, It's Whitney..." when she saw my Whitney cup. I know she would help Newark if she were here. My niece is in Palisades Park w/no power either. Thank you for checking in with us and letting your friends here know you're alright. God bless you, WR.

I am going to the Grammy Museum today after church. I will let you know how it goes. I am soooo excited! Listening to "Step By Step" right now. Peace and blessings.

Kimberlyn'm very happy to be God heard my prayers, protecting you and giving you the strength to overcome all the losses we've had in recent times. I keep praying to God for your country and especially for NJ. I know the situation you are going through is hard, but God is able to heal all the difficult problems of our lives. Have faith in God, because He is with you! I liked when you said he was in the car listening to Whitney. When you are with a heavy heart, listen Whitney for his angelic voice calms our heart, I always do that. Whitney's voice brings me much peace, after all, is a voice of Angel, so that Angel has always near you that sadness will never reach you. I enjoyed knowing you have voted for Obama if I lived there would do the same!! You are right to say that their country can not go back to the recession, because if you do not know, when you go into recession, Brazil and the world, also suffers from the effect of the recession of you and Obama pulled the United States out of recession and economy of your country has greatly improved. Congratulations for Obama and for you who trusted him!! Whiterabbit would love to live there to be able to visit the Museum of Grammy, you're a privileged person to be able to see things from Whitney if you can post the pictures so I can see. Kimberlyn and Whiterabbit, you are also very docile and people with feelings in their hearts!! You are true nippyans!! You are God!! May God bless and keep giving protection to you!! And we all get with Obama!!