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In honor of this week's Rainforest Foundation benefit (started by Sting and his wife Trudy Styler), here is Whitney from the 1994 show at Carnegie Hall. She proved she could pretty much do anything by joining the late great opera singer Pavarotti for a chorus of "La Donna e Mobile" from Rigoletto. April 9, 1994.

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Whitney, talent the flower, of the skin! The Earth was small, for talent, from Whitney! I Will Always Love You!!! Angel, of the most beautiful voice, of the world! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

"Tell me 'No', and I'll tell you I can! Tell me 'No', and I'll sink my feet right in. Tell me 'No', and I'll show you I can win. Come on, come on, I'll prove you wrong. Come on, come on! Just tell me 'No'!"

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