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Preview Whitney's Performance On Celebration Of Gospel '11


Here's a glimpse of Whitney bringing down the house on BET's Celebration of Gospel '11 show, set to air this Sunday, January 30 (check local listings).

Comments (40)

god bless you miss.houston...

She did such an awesome job! The greatest voice of all times hands down! Kim burrell is great too her range is sick! Wanna see her in concert so hope they bring some shows to the US!

"I'm from Brazil and listen to Whitney for more than 20 years and I hope one day might not know it, but go to her concert. This performance was perfect, thank you for existing Whitney. When you were with the drug problems, every Friday I went to the mountain and pray to the lord asking him to take care of her where her was and she came back today and will forever be a diva serves the Lord. thank you I love you for ever"

i love your sooooooooooooooooooooongs

your my valentine baby

your pretty

your my valentine baby

I was so glad to see that Whitney not only sounded wonderful, but most of all she gained so much weight that no one in their right mind could suggest that she was on drugs. I was so proud of her. If you knew God and has ever gone through a bad situation, you felt that she was sincere and that she was singing from the heart and was not trying to put on a show. Gospel singing is something that you sing and feel every word, because you have lived or are living them.

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