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Pre-order "I Will Always Love You - The Best of Whitney Houston" on HSN


Whitney Houston’s greatest hits album, I Will Always Love You - The Best of Whitney Houston is now available for pre-order through HSN. Pre-order your copy here.

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Hi Whitney, I love you so very much!! I will never stop thinking about you!

I like you too
www.pemixer. com

I miss her!

WOW! Didn't see this coming! I love surprises! Smile Awesome. This has just made my day. A greatest hits album with a cool bonus track! Most of us have all these songs already, but I'll do anything to support my girl. Can't wait to get it. I am grinning from ear to ear! Smile

Congratulations, sanhui !!! You finally posted something to Whitney! Gotta admit I've been doubting you all this time, what with your concrete mixers and such........Nice.

I will buy for sure!! All CDs, DVDs that are released from Whitney Houston I will buy, because for me, my Diva lives forever!!! Love you Whitney!!

Whitney is simply wonderful!!!! Please respect all of us fans the best singer in the world and re-edit all of the wonderful Whitney concerts on DVD, so we can immortalize all the wonders it held around the world. Whitney lives forever!!! We will love you always Diva of Divas!!!

Whiterabbit, composing a DVD with all of Whitney's live concerts would be such a special gift to her fans!! Im always searching for more of Whitney. Thirsty, yes!!! Who would get tired of Whitney?

Not happy with this release; simply put because the Australian Deluxe version is a FAR BETTER representation of "The BEST of..."

It's Not Right But It's Okay was one of the biggest phenomena in the 90's and it's not even included. It was a huge POP hit, R&B hit, Club Hit and the rest of them. And Heartbreak Hotel? Million Dollar Bill?

Junk. Release the Australian Deluxe version. This seems like a huge diservice to Whitney, not her fans. I have everything there is to have and then some. The only things I don't have are what are in the vaults.

Mjwspace...don't come on this site showing your ass and disrespecting Whitney and her FANS! You know nothing about Whidbey's personal life and what she gave a damn about. you are a disgrace and very disrespectful to say the least. So what Whitney had a drug and alcohol problem! She's not the first and won't be the last..... Millions of people have drug and alcohol problems, you just wanna pick on whitney, degrade her and disrespect her legacy just like the media. If you're not for Whitney, take your comments elsewhere and get off this negative people are getting on my damn nerves.

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