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Part 2 of Whitney's exlusive Oprah interview is today!


The second part of Whitney's exclusive interview, as well as her incredible performance of "I Didn't Know My Own Strength," will be on Oprah this afternoon! Check your local listings to see when to tune in, and don't miss it!

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I just want to say Whitney I'm am glad you are back and I know about the strength of the LORD. I am so proud of you and the interview was wonderful. Much Love and Happiness



Your candor is greatly appreciated. Whatever your trials & tribulations were {are}, you have truly walked with your head held high. You are a woman of elegance & strength, hold on to those anchors GOD has placed in your life & continue to positively elevate.

My Nippy collection is filling up again & I can't wait for more wonderful music from you.

May GOD's peace & blessing be upon you always.

PSALM 118:14

K Walls

I watched the interview with my girl Whitney Houston on Oprah my other girl loved them both, and I thought it was a very good interview seemed from the heart for Whitney, she's come a long way to relieve her demons on national television, Whitney that takes a lot of gutts. Like all of us Whitney you were put on earth to give us what you do best it's all in the music, so from here on keep your head high and keep smiling, because you are beautiful and we love you very much. It's been awhile it was worth it now I LOOK TO YOU IS #1 ON THE BILLBOARDS CHARTS. I'm glad you're in good health God bless you and your family they stuck by you through it all. Whitney Houston you are truly blessed. Oh, did I mention your ALBUM is fabulous. My girl is back.......( ain't no stopping her now she's on the move). God bless... God bless..... God bless. All my love your girl.

so proud of you-You go
you encourage me
i too was in a very abusive relationship and found myself lowering my standards trying so desperately to be loved and accepted( he was younger)
I saw that same look in his eyes as you described in your interview that Bobbie had for you. He seemed to resent my trying to make money and improve myself.I couldn't understand it .I didn't hang out i no longer did drugs, I have been clean from crack cocaine for 10 of those 18 years. I couldn't do it , it wasn't me and everybody told me that , but I wanted to fit in and share that one thing in common.
i prayed to God and he answered my prayer and caused things to get so crazy ,that I could do was look to God from where my help comes from . GOD -The Good Lord. He strengthened me too.I told God this is not going to work and I wanted out after 18 years of trying to make it work.He(God) had to help me cause I couldn't do it myself I didn't have the strength to leave ,I loved this man.I am not a Quitter and God knew he would have to make it so bad that I didn't have a choice.I ran to God in my spirit and I cried out " Lord you say you are near to the broken hearted-Lord can you hear me,"He told me He loved me like now one else could nor would.In that one statement I gathered up the courage to make a decision to let go. and as the saying goes "Let go and let God. Father's day 2009 was my day of decision.I am starting to feel my joy again.
Thank you so much for being honest and giving 1,000,000 of others the courage to leave and not look back-God has been so good to us .

Oh Whitney-What a fabulous interview! I want you to know that more importantly than your undeniable beautiful and once in a lifetime voice you have that you are first & foremost a fantastic mother. When I saw your daughter's love for you I thought "what a wonderful job you have done raising her". At the end of the day that is the most important & rewarding thing you will have done with your life and you can tell by watching your love for her that you understand that. I hope you know that people love you for being so honest and down to earth and never losing your New Jersey hometown girl ways!

Carol Smith

Whitney I never gave up hope on you and knew you would come back, in your own time, so we could all enjoy the voice, the music, and presence of the world's best female singer of all time. We missed you and are so glad your back!!

Whitney! I've loved you ALL of my life. Welcome back. Don't forget to be "vegetarian and a teacher." You are such a talent and I thank you for giving us more of you.

Whitney I am so very proud of you! I've just finished viewing the second half of your interview with Oprah. You have maintained your beauty and grace. I especially loved the fact that you made it clear that you will not be interviewed about this subject again. You have given the public more than they deserve to know. Bravo for you!!!!!!! May the strength of the almighty the giver of that superb voice be with you. I have much love and respect for you. Always Amen!

I cried through most of the interview, you look so wonderful! God Bless you and all you've been through.
I have loved you since the very first time I saw you, I've always said you have the most beautiful voice in the world, and I am so glad you are BACK!

I too, was in an abusive marriage, and can feel what you went through. I prayed for you that you would see the light and God would give you the courage to help yourself.

You are going to be such an inspiration to so many women, and your title cut will go down in history as a song that helped women all over this world know their worth and destiny.

Tears rolled down my face as you sang, I and could see the old Whitney coming through with a fresh and strong new attitude!
I love you, please never stop singing!

Wow. Part 2 was even better than Part 1. The performance of IDKMOS should silence any and all questions about 'The Voice.' And I'm glad Whitney has no regrets about the interview, because she has nothing to regret. She set the record straight and took back control of her life, her image and her career.

The look she gave Oprah to the Bobby question was hysterical. LOL! Living well is ALWAYS the best revenge. And thanks to Clive Davis for convincing Whitney to come back. The two of them always make great music together.

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