Order ‘Whitney: Tribute to an Icon’ For the Holidays | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Order ‘Whitney: Tribute to an Icon’ For the Holidays


This beautiful photography book with works donated by 22 photographers is curated by renowned photographer Randee St. Nicholas. These images depict Whitney's celebrated career over 30 years.

Order Whitney: Tribute to an Icon from Simon & Schuster, Amazon, HSN, Barnes & Noble & Whitney's Official Store. A portion of the proceeds will go to one of Whitney's favorite charities, Teen Summit.

Comments (21)

An oustanding and powerful performance by Whitney that will never be forgotten ever as well the Angelic Whitney Houston herself love you always sweety!

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I wish a A Merry Christmas to my eternal Diva Whitney who now lives in his heavenly home with the angels of Almighty God!! Desire also a Merry Christmas to all your family and I pray to God much peace and comfort to the hearts of your dear and beloved daughter Bobbi Kristina. Merry Christmas to all fans spread across the world especially for my sisters nippians, Kimberlyn and Whiterabbit!! Whitney lives forever!! I will always love you Whitney!!

I received this book for Christmas. It's truly magical. Going through all the pictures brings back so many wonderful memories. If you don't already own it, you should buy it. It's gorgeous!


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I haven't got this book yet, but I am going to get it as I am a very big fan of Whitney Houston's she is my heroine and favourite singer of all time! R.I.P... Whitney I love and miss you!! God bless her and her family!! Happy New Year to Bobbi Kristina and Cissy Houston. Peace and love.xx

Howdy everyone, especially Whiterabbit and DiWhitney!! It's been a minute since I logged into the site and chatted about how much I love Whitney!! I've been extremely busy with the holidays and the travels that go along with it.... I just checked in to see what's new or the latest news that posted on the site and it seems nothing is going on Sad .......... anyway, I hope everyone is doing well this fabulous new year!! Whiterabbit and DiWhitney, I wanna hear from you guys, missing ya'll....let's not fall off and lose connection!!

Hey Kimberlyn! So glad to hear from you. I missed you! I figured you had been traveling around. Nothing new on the site, but I see that Whitney's mama wrote a book about her baby, which will be out soon. B&N.com is taking pre-orders. I have been listening to the One Wish album all during these holidays. A bittersweet, somber and joyful feeling listening to God's special gift to the world. Hey Gurl, who are those people on your profile pic? Is one of them you?? I will be going to the Grammy Museum one more time before Whitney's exhibit leaves. I want to feel her spirit one more time. God, I love this lady!

Hey girl, the people in my profile picture is my best friend and me! Im the one on the right side. I wish so badly that I can see the exhibit before it leave!! I have decided to make a mural of my mother and whitney in my spare room at home. I have pictures of them displayed everywhere in that room. I miss and love them so very much!!