Oprah Winfrey To Interview Houston Family Sunday March 11th | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Oprah Winfrey To Interview Houston Family Sunday March 11th


Oprah Winfrey to interview Houston family Sunday March 11th. Read more here.

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I am so broken hearted to hear of Whitney's death.I would like to first offer my condolences to her family,especially Bobbi Kristina.I grew up on listening to Whitney' music and she has really touched my heart,she is a very beautiful and talented person,and she'll never be forgotten,but God has her now and i know he'll take good care of her cause she is surely an angel,and i will always love her .I still listen to her music and watch her movies,it's like she's still here,it's wonderful to hear her and see her again.GOD BLESS YOU WHITNEY AND MAY YOU REST IN PEACE AND KNOW HOW MUCH WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU.

Beautiful Sista, You are now in our Lords kingdom. We miss you and pray every day.. I say blessed are we that know you, you have enlightened our souls with joy. Blessed are we that rise up and praise the Lord for we will be reunited in eternity. Amen

We miss you Whitney.. Rest in sweet love and peace. You left us a legacy of love, sprit and joy through your music. What a gift...

I molded my self inpired by the songs Whitney Houston sang. The Greatest Love helped me be a successful single mom; it moved me to take good care of the children; and was instrumental in learning to love myself. Thank you Whitney. I am eternally greatful.

Oprah Winfrey interviewing the Houston family this Sunday (I'm almost positive it was previously taped)? This is rather a fast move. It hasen't been a full month since Whitney's funeral service. I guess some people handle things different than others.

Whitney Houston was and is still the greatest of all time! She will be greatly missed by everyone. It's sad to have such a beautiful and talented person gone so soon. But we all know that she is in god's hands now in peace. When I was a little girl, I grew up wanting to be Whitney. Everyday I would dress up and sing her songs..especially "How will I know"....I love everyone of her songs! She will be forever in my heart the greatest female singer of all time. R.I.P. Nippy...

I'm proud of Bobbi kristina and my thoughts are with her and the family. Dionne's interview on gma was meant to help but for me it opened up the wounds all over again. I love you Whitney and pray that something good can come from all this pain and loss we all feel.

God bless

Aos meus sentimentos e solidariedade para a familia desta tão grande cantora considerada a voz mais linda do mundo. Jamais existira uma cantora tão perfeita, de uma voz limpida. Mais uma vitima deste mundo vicio das drogas. Sou um fã, estou chocado com esta tragedia. Peço a Deus que aceite ela em um bom lugar, e que cante la em cima para nós. TE AMAREI ETERNAMENTE. Um grande Fã.
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Whitney, a gift from God. Thank Y/you, for gracing earth with your presence and leaving us your awesome voice. Peace be with you and your family.