Oprah Winfrey To Interview Houston Family Sunday March 11th | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Oprah Winfrey To Interview Houston Family Sunday March 11th


Oprah Winfrey to interview Houston family Sunday March 11th. Read more here.

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I love Whitney the greatest voice of our time and will live on forever

Is it not a little bit too soon for this interview? I guess the Houston family needs more time...

I think that it is a great effort for Bobbi Kristina to talk to Oprah on March 11, 2012. I feel that it is therapy for her to be able to talk about her Mother with the help of God. I pray that you (Bobbi Kristina), continue to become the beautiful young lady that you have grown to be because your Whitney would have it no other way. If you ever need some one to talk to or reach out to I am available at: 404-617-3085, although you are of higher ranks (Celebirty Baby) I still love you because you are one of God's children. Love Latrice Mills

Dear Bobbi kristina:  I want you to now that u have my deepest symphanty.  I lost my mom when I was thirty and being the baby of the family really made my experience hard.  But know that your mom love you beyond words.  Think about all the problems u went threw together and how she kept love in her heart for u and the people that mistreated her and how she said Jesus loved her.  You will have your days when you feel like you can't go on but just know look up to heaven and talk toGod and he will see u threw.  Each day u will cry and soon it will be like showers of rain and it will get better. Look around thank God u still have your grandmother your mother mother love her grow close because she needs you and u need her.  Be an advocate for your mother talk about the experience you and your mother dealt with threw her journey.  Perhaps it will help the next person and make the world aware the demons in the music industry .  God has a plan for you and your grandmother.  What it is only God knows.  Keep love in your heart and know that Jesus love you!!

i think it would be wonderful if the family could somehow keep her mendham nj home and open it as a tourist home like they did Graceland after Elvis died. What do ya think

So?.. I'm sure Whitney's daughter can get enough support at home from her family and her dad without the world watching. I don't think b****ing about bobby browns past and using it against him when he tries to support his daughter ain't helping bobby chris either. Seems to me that you guys are not happy with what you got and just keep wanting more. Well I hope it bites your ass.

love and miss u soooooo much

First Amy Winehouse had to go by us and now Whitney Houston, one of the most best singers of our time. This is very sad. She has inspired us for many years with her ​​wonderful voice. Once I could see you in Mannheim in the castle. Your music will continue to accompany me. Your CDs have a special place in my music shelf. Whitney Houston - You remain in our thoughts always with us. http://www.djcall.de

i loved her so much, when my aunt told me that she died i told her to stop telling stories because i love her and shes my number 1

I have followed Whitney's music career since the early 80s from back home in Ghana. We are all sorry for the loss of such a great icon and beautifull person as you were.
Whitney, you will always be my music sweet heart forever. Your voice is only second to none.
May the all mighty God bless your soul and have favor with you and hope to meet you in the new system of things to come.