Livestream the Red Carpet Premiere of Sparkle | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Livestream the Red Carpet Premiere of Sparkle


Tune in to AP’s live stream coverage of the Sparkle Red Carpet Premiere here.

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I've been blessed to receive my "Sparkle" tickets for free and yes, I will be at the theater tomorrow night to see my lady Whitney Houston!! Many people say it's another "Dream girl" gig but I could care less, I just want to see Whitney on the big screen one last time!!

I also do not care if the movie is good or bad, just want to see our beautiful Whitney showing once again his talent unmatched. In my mind I wonder Whitney elegantly through that red carpet and beautiful. It is very sad not to see this scene on all televisions in the world. But Whitney shines alongside the angels of God. I love you Whitney!!

Thankfully by some stroke of luck, I had the opportunity to attend the sparkle event in Hollywood last night.

Everyone had their iPhone or other camera device but I, The Boy Scout, did as I was told and left it behind.
A big mistake.

No waiting for me though.

Thanks Pat. You looked good, but look best in Black.

CeCe looked good as well if that was CeCe.

Quencie, yes I remember your interview with Whitney on MTV....LUCKY YOU!! You had the privilege of meeting such a beautiful women with an amazing talent. I wish I was granted the same opportunity to meet her but I will have that opportunity in God’s kingdom. I loved the interview then and I love watching it over and over now. You definitely have my support!

In the 1980s you were my favorite singer I know all your songs

TO YOU IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vincent Huff

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