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"I Look To You" Video Premiere


The premiere of Whitney's new music video "I Look To You."

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Wonderful, I love it. Welcome back, Whitney. We've missed you.

Love it sooooo much!

i luv it, i luv it, i luv it...u look and sound awesome...i've missed u Laughing out loud

Whitney, I am so glad you are back!! I think that your voice is just richer and more vibrant than ever !!

Well, you did it again! WOW. Amazing. One of the most touching videos I've ever watched. I still get teary eyed every time I hear this song. Thanks for coming home, Whitney.

Incredible....elegant, simple...Strong Beauty...I love this Video.....That's just Whitney!! I love you girl!!!!

What a beautiful video! Perfectly shot and conceived! Simple, elegant, lovely. Just Whitney and the song and its beautiful, personal message of faith and survival. They simply could not have done a better job. Love you Nippy!! Welcome back to top form.

Remember, Ms. Houston, in truth there is nothing but love and flight. Keep it real like this song and video always.

I love you.

Whitney...WOW! You couldn't have gone any more perfect in this video. SIMPLISTIC. The words are enough to send the meaning. YOU HAVE RETURNED. True, you NEVER left, but like us all, along life's choices and consequences, we lost touch with you.

NO MORE. You know, on this earth we will never understand life's twists and turns, but one thing we do know is that GOD will never leave us or forsake us. You have reminded us of these recent efforts. R. Kelley, in his talent, God gave him, reminds us all, in writing this song for you to share with us. Your voice, God given, has returned to Him on this album.

Haters are gonna hate. They always will, before you were on this earth, and long after you leave. You could hand out $100 dollar bills and after they take your money they will still hate on you. You know WHO is faithful and WHO sustains. God. You have kept the Faith. You have shown your daughter Bobbi Kristina and your fans Who is your Strength. Thank you and Clive, your mentor, for reminding us that there is more to life than a catchy beat or tune. Any one can do this, produce this, sell this. TRUTH sustains, and I, like you in your Faith, know that God is the One who supplies It. True, you NEVER left the most important place you remain...in our HEARTS.

Enjoy the success God is supplying for you in this labor of love called "I LOOK TO YOU." You are an encouragement to MORE than you can ever imagine on this earth!

Hey Whitney and Whitney Fans:

I found this on YouTube and found it totally ridiculous and fun at the same time. Really shows the spirit of Whitney fans I think she would laugh as much as I did. Enjoy!



I love you whitney your the only one who can bring tears to my eyes