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I Look To You In Stores Today!


The wait is over...Whitney's new album I Look To You is finally out today! Grab a CD, download at iTunes...either way you gotta pick up a copy!

I Look To You - iTunes
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I would like to say I really enjoy the new album...I have been a fan since I was a young boy..Im so happy she decided to return back to all of her fans and to welcome in new fans...We all love you Ms.Houston...

I LOVE the New CD !!! I can't stop listening to it. I love your inspiration !!! I remember seeing you in concert in 1988 in Germany. I hope I can see you live again !! YOU look WONDERFUL and sound MAGNIFICENT !!!

All I can say is Beautiful Whitney!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

All I can say is Beautifull Whitney!!!! Beautiful!!!!

I'm so happy your back Whitney and feeling better! You were such a major part of my childhood, and now my adulthood. Good luck and I love your new CD. I missed you and I love you.-danielle

Whitney ,
I think you have the voice, From the time I was a small child I would listen to your music it would send chill through me I love bodyguard and Precher's Wife. Oh my god what a blessing it has been to hear your music and beauty and smile may god bless you again and again stay strong . you can not be replaced and I think it's a wonderful gift I call you "The Soundbird" beautiful voice.
Patricia B.
Philadelphia PA

I love this album, we finally have some good music to listen to. Whitney is back!!!!!!!

Whitney, yeah, I am talking to you like we know each other or something. There will be people out there who will not want to see you succeed. Please, what-ever you do, do not let those people who don't even know you define your past, or your future.

I think that it is great that whitney is back she is so talented and gifted and her music is fresh we need to hear from whitney.

Love Whitney's voice, pure velvet. I just don't care for the lyrics. Words like HATERS etc. turn me off. I'd rather hear a positive and loving lyric. Just my opinion. Also, would love to see Whitney appear on the Wendy Williams Show. It would be nice to see who is Bigger and MORE mature.

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