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I Look To You In Stores Today!


The wait is over...Whitney's new album I Look To You is finally out today! Grab a CD, download at iTunes...either way you gotta pick up a copy!

I Look To You - iTunes
I Look To You - Amazon

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I purchased my copy today at Walmart. I know I'm a day late, but I got it. Too excited about her events to come. Good Moring America, 9/2 and Oprah 9/14.

I'm going to say between 400,000 and 500,000 the first week. Ambitious, I know, but the album is getting good reviews and so many people are rooting for her.Whitney has never debuted with high numbers, but somehow I feel this time will be different.#1 Amazon Bestseller (based on pre-order sales ALONE)#1 Itunes Germany#1 Itunes Austria#1 Itunes Italy#1 Itunes Switzerland#1 Itunes Netherlands#1 Itunes Luxembourg#1 iTunes Sweden#1 ITunes Greece#1 iTunes Spain#1 iTunes Beigium#1 Itunes Belgium#2 Itunes Ireland#1 at Tower Records Bestsellers#1 FYE Top Pre-orders

I just ordered 3 more copies on amazon for Christmas gifts and also notice some people delibertly making nasty comments on other websites i would not be surprise if its Bobby Brown. The price is pretty reasonable now $9.99

She's back everyone love you girl

This has to be one of the best cds ive heard from any artist ,Welcome back and keep up the good work.

Great CD Whitney!! Glad you're back!!! God Bless!!

Welcome back ..you look AMAZING AND YOUR CD is what I expected great ...keep the music coming,....I knew you'd be back..so happy for you..

Whitney, I am so disappointed in your newest release. I mean really what were you thinking?.
I will return my case without the CD included… LMAO
How can you possibly put out an album this awesome without the lyrics?
Do you realize some of you most extreme fans such as myself are lyrics freaks"?
Nothing like sitting in the chair with feet up, drinking a tall glass of Pepsi w ice, listing
to amazing music and not being able to read along.
I'm so disappointed I'm returning the case booklet and keeping the CD.
There should be a law… I give the new album a 9.5 outta 10. losing points due to lack of lyrics.

The music is awesome. While listening to salute which I love, I can relate to it.
I googled the word. I think if you read between the lines there is a double meaning haha
or maybe it just me, Check out what I found:
Salute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A salute (also called obeisance) is a gesture (often a finger gesture) or other action used to display respect.

WOW, This album is terrific, it was wonderful hearing that beautiful voice that will all have missed. Thanks whitney for keeping it real and u are loved.

The CD shows growth and she is back with the vibe, vocal what a lovely voice...All the tracks on new CD are great. Welcome back Whitney.

We have all tumbled it's the strong hearted ones that hasn't crumbled. Thank God

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