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I Look To You Album Reviews


Reviews are starting to pop-up for Whitney's new album I Look To You. Check out this great review in USA Today and see what InTouch and People have to say about I Look To You below!

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Whitney, i don't know what to say, you're my favorite singer af all time, you have such a great talent, it's unbelievable.
i wish you a good luck for your performance on GMA, i know you will nail it!

I love you!

I look to you... That resonates with me. Good to hear it from you again. You have a great gift. It brings a lot of joy to others. Keep singing and praising. Best wishes dear lady.

Welcome Back, Whitney...we missed you!!

Congrats Whitney!!! "I look To You" is on it's way to becoming my favorite album. Thanks for letting us stream/preview the album before its official release. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy Smile

I love this album!
I can't wait to have it in my hands!
I'll buy many copies as I could!

Whitney, it was worth the wait. God had to take his time with you so you could as you say learn your own strength. You are such an inspiration to so many. Keep loving God, yourself and others and he will take care of the rest. I love you, welcome back and be Blessed my sister!!!!

for u,
i salute and i look to you just as i feel like a million dollar bill , when i got you, i felt nothing but love as i sing a song for you, and for the lovers who hope to call you tonight ,,its all worth it..................love u girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no matter what comes my way, i have you and do look to you...you strengthen us with ur essence..God loves you and bless you real good....................

After waiting for this album for years now, I can say that I waited for something special. This album is well-rounded and it has something on it for everyone. I Look To You is the soundtrack to our lives. She and her team have crafted an album that drives an important point for artists of her stature: with every great artist there has to be great music. Whitney is a great artist and has proven once again that she can deliver great music. I am certain that the album will be a triumph for her and I know that she will conquer on stage. WHITNEY, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND YOU BETTER DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile

I love the new album Whitney!!!! I love you and always will love you... My favorite song on the new album is Call You Tonight! I like all the songs really. LOL
God Bless You!!

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