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Holiday Wishes From Whitney


Wishing Everyone a Blessed Holiday!!

Love, Whitney

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whitney houston. you are a blessing and im so happy to be a fan and alwayz will be. Please stay close with GOD and do yo thang girl.muahhh. i love you.
From Westport, CT

Whitney, I've been a fan since I was a teenager, many years ago. More importantly the Lord has put you on my heart so many times, to pray for you dear one! You will sing again better than ever before as you" humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God and He will exalt you in due time, casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you"...His love has never changed and His gift and calling on your life is without repentance! Your heavenly Father has outstretched arms of strength and love with a "Whitney size hug" designed just for you...He's waiting, longing, ready to heal and forgive and restore the years that the locust have eaten...The latter rain shall be greater than the former as you put your trust in Him. He that began a great work in you is more than able to complete it! It is never too late as long as you have a prayer! "I went to the enemie's camp and I took back what he stole from me"! The victory is yours in Yeshua's name! You will do an awesome worship album. Worship is your key, for He inhabits the praises of His people" In HIs presence is joy unpskeable and full of mercy". May you be encouraged that we believe in you. More importantly Yeshua believes in daughter of the Most High God El Elyon!

Hi Whitney!
I'm from Brazil and I'm typing right now because somehow I've been thinking a lot of you lately. And it's strange because, to be honest, I'm not exactly one of your crazy fans which thinks about you all the time and knows everything about you, about your music, about your work. Even though I've always admired you.
I deeply believe that, for some reason, our spirits got connected so I started praying for you, wishing you all the best and hoping that you're ok.
Sometimes it seems to be very hard to find happiness, but I guess the beauty of life is when we're searching for it. And without even knowing that's when we're being happy.
Lots of love.

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Ms WHithney ,my family love you so much, GOD bless you .

It is really sad that all these people slam your name..We will never hear a voice like this one again ...Your life was so dark for along time...One thing that I get from all of this is ....In that room the devil was talking ...When a mighty shouted Whitney...The look on Lucifer face,,,Priceless ...Someone was with u...Jesus!!! and finally he could supress u nomore...ur savior had come...I know ur at peace and ours prayers remain with ur family.... We will never forget ur beautiful voice...RIP Whitney

She was such a beautiful woman ! She was one of the main reason I started singing, I love her music & she will forever be in my heart as my one of my biggest musical inspirations <3 I love you Ms. Whitney, rest in paradise like the Queen you are <3

U will be greatly be missed whitney houston i love all ur song my favorite is i will always love u thats my song i will remember u pkayn the bodyguard movie love it u will be missed love u kalimah leonard be blessed family stay strong in the lord he will take care of whitney houston love u

God knew you, before you knew Him. I know that you loved God and He definitely loved you. Oh, my Angel, you are at peace now. I know that you know that everything here on earth will be taken care of. No more demons or worries. Live well in heaven. Continue to use your voice, becuase you are definitely one of his angels. You will be missed. If they (all the people here on this planet) know God like we do, they know that you are in a better place. Rest in His arms, Aangel.

I send love and condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Whitney. thank you for allowing us the pleasure of borrowing such a great talent. I pray that God will give strenght to her daughter that she may carry on and be a great persona and young lady.

I loved whitney from beginning to end, sang some of her songs in talent shows, she had such a special gift that was given to her by God. may she find the peace she so lovingly deserved. the cares of this world are now over. Take care Whitney and my you rest.