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His Eye Is On The Sparrow is Now Available


Whitney Houston's second single off the Sparkle Movie Soundtrack, "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" is now available on iTunes. Check it out here.

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It hurts me to the core but I've decided to take a break from visiting this website, viewing photos, listening to her music, watching movies or anything that has Whitney's beautiful face displayed. I have to be very clear and honest with myself because I'm having a very differecult time coping with her death (seriously!). Some days are good to where I can listen to a song of Whitney and not cry, other days are a mess and I'm crying so hard, I need a wash cloth to clean my face. I know damn well I'm not insane but I have to find solace and peace in my heart to move past this moment in time (still 4 months later). My heart is so broken and I'm just a little ole fan of Whitney, I can't imagine how her family is dealing with it from day to day, oh gosh! Whitney, I don't know if it's you that's constantly reminding me of the fondest memories of you when I listen to your music, watch your movies, or look at a photo of you but you must know how much your fans truly love you down here! As promised, I will be releasing purple balloons in memory of sweet Whitney, loving you eternally.

This song is another good one recorded by her.

That other song Celebrate is not so good, like the forthcoming movie, but she probably was trying to help those in the film versus forwarding her own career.

She should have done more Gospel music. It really is a shock that she's dead.
I do not believe that it really happened?

Everyone Check Out: www.whitneynippyhouston.webs.com..love you whit!

I just want to wish whitney houston a happy birthday and i want to tell her that we all miss and love you alot. I wish you was still here and i cant wait to seee your new movie i know it is going to be good because you are a wonderful singer and a great actor.....

We will always love you and miss you