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Happy 80th Birthday Cissy Houston!


Happy 80th Birthday Cissy Houston!

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Cissy, 50 years ago, gave us a gift, the best voice and the best singer of all time!! Today, if I could turn back time, I would ask God to give her gift again, your baby Whitney!! Happy Birthday Cissy!! God Bless You!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Happy Birhday, Mrs. Houston. Hope you visit this website sometimes to see all the love poured out to your baby girl. A shout out to you for creating such a beautiful creature inside and out.

Dear Cissy I can feel your pain about your wanderful doughter. I do really believe that star system, but overall bobby brown murdered Whitney. She was a such sensitive girl, I believe, tha first she didn t had the strenghtnto survive on tne bad things of the star system, then he met the devil: bobby brown who is nothing. When we speak about this beast I realize that we are speaking about the nothing. He was ony gelous about Whitney success and beauty. If I could speak to him I would tell him: you have to kill yourself because you are nothing and hell is waiting for yoy. In fact that is what will happend to him. Whitney is in eaven, we miss her so much but she is in peace. He is a murder eated from the world and refused from God. Dear Mrs Cissy, I had the greatest gift that life can give. Stay in peace. Simonetta