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GLEE's Whitney Houston Tribute Episode Airs Tonight


Tonight is the night Whitney fans! GLEE's Whitney tribute episode airs this evening at 8/7c only on FOX.  

What song are you most excited for to be performed tonight?

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Beautiful tribute to our Queen Whitney, but nothing takes the pain of longing that I feel it. Every day I have to listen to music to relieve this longing infinite. I Will Always Love Whitney!!

Bela homenagem a nossa Rainha Whitney, mas nada substitui a dor da saudade que sinto dela. Todo dia tenho que ouvir suas músicas para aliviar esta saudade infinita. I Will Always LOVE Whitney!!!!

At it Again!


Whitney Houston It's Not Right But It's Okay (54th Street Extended Mix)

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Glee performed a great tribute to our sweet Whitney...of course, there will never be another voice such as Whitney's but those kids did a marvelous job and Whitney would so proud of those kids! I could picture her saying to those kids “Thank you baby, I love you"........ Although several TV shows/stations are paying tribute to Whitney, nothing will ever replace hole in my heart from her passing. When people say "my heart ache with pain", it is such a reality of mine. I really miss you Whitney and all I find myself doing is blasting your music in my truck every day! People in the cars next to me just stare as if I'm a lunatic, but who cares!! I grieve in the way I feel like it. I love you Nippy, my Jersey girl from Newark, we miss and love you terribly here in New Jersey!!


The best, the most and the forever voice never to be matched by anyone. You are missed but you will always live on in my mind, my heart and in my music. There is none better and NEVER will be.

Don't worry about what the rumours may be or what some people may say, they are ignorant to the real world and have no clue.They are the ones to feel sorry for. Bias and prejudice only creates drama and some thrive from it....so rest peacefully, those who knew you, know you and know what you were, still are and will always be... "The Greatest Love of All".

Thank you.

Listening to "You'll never stand alone"......I love you Whitney!!! That's all I have to say right now.

Whitney had a quality that few people have in the world! She owned a single voice, but also very honest and that no one can take this merit, not to mention her beauty. She was beautiful inside and out, or was transparent, all who love you shall go to miss you, my Queen Elizabeth Whitney Houston, rest in peace, we pray for you.

Whitney Houston, was a pure person, had no evil and above all not envy nobody quite the contrary helped the singers who were starting their careers. This is an attitude worthy of a queen, an angel who came to earth to cheer our lives with your sweet voice and incomparable, I know she's in heaven as the angels go there.
People talked of it for anything but knew nothing about his life sentences were words guys, forgot that she was just a human being like any other, with only one difference she had something special that was granted by God , as it appears nobody will never equal, so after you Whitney tu.ficaremos with your memories ....... the music you left us.

Getting real tired of people talking smack about Whitney as if they really knew her life. Speculation after speculation and haterism is floating like no other on the freakin internet!! It's so sad and disrespectful for people to talk about her like she was nothing! So what she had flaws, who the hell don't? It angers the hell out of me when I see people saying some off the wall crap about Whitney, some of those words are fighting words! Before Whitney's passing, I always thought people who cried over a celebrity's passing were strange, however; when Whitney left this world, I then understood why fans take it so hard. I have never cried nor thought about a celebrity's passing as much as I cry and think about Whitney. She was obviously different in many ways unexplained. Thinking of you always sweet Whitney!! I loved you on Silver Spoons in the 80's.......you were so gorgeous!!

cant wait......

This tribute was so beautiful to our Dive Whitney, but nothing takes the hurt of longing that I feel in my heart. Every day I listen to music in my car and me and babygirl she is 10 year old be jamming in the car. I Will Always Love Whitney!!Thank you for giving us SO MANY WONDERFUL MEMORIES. There will NEVER BE OTHER WHITNEY HOUSTON IN THE WORLD.