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Here is the last song of the day from the GLEE cast, "My Love Is Your Love." Listen below. If you loved what you heard, all of the songs will be available Tuesday, 4/24 on iTunes.

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To "whitneysfanforlife” your post is absolutely beautiful! Whitney would have loved to hear you say those words to her up close and personal. Beautifully said, to a very beautiful woman indeed!!! I'm sure Whitney is looking down upon her family and adoring fans with that beautiful smile of hers. God Bless you for your wonderful words to our sweet Whitney!

I'm watching the "Bodyguard" including the deleted parts from the movie...and.... oh my goodness!! I love, love, love the scene where Kevin Costner is gliding his hands down Whitney's leg, sliiping off her stockings nice and slow and sexy!! Whoa, Whitney's eyes look great in that particular scene, her eyes were so intense with passion..... My, my,my... I absolutely loved it!! Whitney, you are #1 always and forever!!!

Whitney's original version is of course the best, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Nice job GLEE - I can't wait to watch the tribute this Tuesday night!

To keep it short and sweet... I would say I just loved it and am trying to <a href="http://www.mappsolutely.com/Build-An-App-That-Guarantees-Downloads">build an app</a> for only Whitney's song.

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