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Whitney received a standing ovation at the Billboard Awards in 1993 for her performance of "I Have Nothing." Checkout GLEE's performance of the amazing power ballad!

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I can't even get through the whole thing, this is HORRIBLE, IF I WAS BLAINE, i'd break up with him for this mess

Oh my god Chris. Kurt. He sounds amazing and I can't wait to see this song in the show, I'm gonna cry! Whatever, I'm already crying.

My god....THIS. WAS. HORRIBLE...why glee..why??? stop butchering whitney songs.

Where is amber riley when you need her.....

it's beautiful. <3 completely.

Absolutely amazing. Chris sounds so good in this, I love how simple it is, but yet so moving.

I was worried that my boyfriend was going to break up with me to move away to New York and so he sang me this song.
I love him so much, words can't describe my feelings for him. He is my forever! He moves me so much.

This is absolutely perfect. Chris did amazing. I started sobbing half way through it was so beautiful.

I love this and I think Chris/Kurt is wonderful! I knew he would be singing this song. Great job!

Well me done! I think this was the best remediation of a Whitney song I've ever heard. Great!

I adore this song. I really can't wait for the episode now. This was one of my favorites (along with How Will I Know), but I enjoyed most of them so far.