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Fun Photos of Whitney at the Detroit Lions Football Game!


Take a look at these wonderful photos of Whitney taking in the Detroit Lions football game. Whitney and the cast of her upcoming film, Sparkle had the day off from shooting and you can tell Whitney was having a great time! Enjoy below.

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Love you Whitney....and we miss you soooo much

You look good Whitney.

Whitney you beautiful, thank you for you're back ... I still want to sing with you one day "when you believe" .. love you.....Queen of music.

You are as beautiful as ever Whitney!!!

Hey Whitney,

It's a God send to see U happy and back in the mix missed u girl!!!

Whitney, always wonderful!!!

Whitney, always wonderful!!!

You look beautiful. Congrats on your new role. Show them what we've all been missing. I'll always love you Whitney!

Whitney, you look awesome so proud of you and what God is doing in your life congradulations looking forward to this new role and girl get the candles started because I'm looking forward to putting in my order. Love you and I will keep you in my prayers.

It's great to see you smile!