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Exclusive Photo From Whitney's Latest Appearance!


Whitney attended the birthday party of Prince Azim of Brunei last week in England along with many celebrities including Hilary Swank, Usher, Faye Dunaway, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, Adrian Brody and many more. Check out the exclusive new photo of Whitney from the birthday bash below!

Photograph by: Philip Dent

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You look FABULOUS Whitney. Keep your head up and keep praying. I loving you!!! Your biggest fan, Yvette

whitney love you so much you have been my inspiration for many years.
now Iam 25 but you have been part of my live since I was 8. I lost my father when I was 12 and my mother got depress one week after. I used to listing to your music every single day that was the only way I could gate over the pain that I was filling. I am From Brazil but at the moment I am living in London. love you so much and I wish you all the best you are my hero and my inspiration.

Hey Whitney Houston you & Mariah Carey are my two favorite singers in the world i wish one day i can meet you two cause i can sing and dance and the song i like is i wanna dance with somebody & heartbreaker so i hope you write back Love, Nykira Collie

You look good keep it up

Our Withiney you're beautiful, so always keep praising the Lord Jesus.

I've always saw you as a beautiful being, continue to keep the beauty; but God need us to be beautiful in the inside too! Don't forget about Christ who's coming for his remnant!! Lov Suhuala.

Hey Whitney, looking good....no matter what "I will always love you" u r my singer from I was a child...my favorite back then was "saving all my love"

Happy Birthday Whitney!!!

Ur Amazing & You know it!!! I see u've been tanning.. Much needed break I'm sure.. Best wishes

oooohh youre my idol , i love you so muchh ......^_^