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Exclusive Photo From Whitney's Latest Appearance!


Whitney attended the birthday party of Prince Azim of Brunei last week in England along with many celebrities including Hilary Swank, Usher, Faye Dunaway, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, Adrian Brody and many more. Check out the exclusive new photo of Whitney from the birthday bash below!

Photograph by: Philip Dent

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Whitney you are a beautiful Ravine Nile; shining like diamonds. What makes you a Diva is being simply yourself. Having the power of truth, while setting yourself as an example to others; by acknowledging; only you can change you.


May God continue to bless you Smile

Way to go Whitney!!!!!!!!! Beautiful picture.

Beautiful picture. You are a jewel!!!!!

Whitney you look fabulous. Whitney God is going to do something in your life that's going to blow this world mind. God Bless you.

Looking Fab... Nice to see you up and about.

Wow, looking fabulous!

as always beautiful

mis whitney whant can i realy say i have tears in my eyes but thank you and god for what you have over come

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! just seen your latest picture at a birthday party in london.you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait for your next single.gill xxxxxx