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Exclusive Photo From Whitney's Latest Appearance!


Whitney attended the birthday party of Prince Azim of Brunei last week in England along with many celebrities including Hilary Swank, Usher, Faye Dunaway, Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, Adrian Brody and many more. Check out the exclusive new photo of Whitney from the birthday bash below!

Photograph by: Philip Dent

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DIVA** Look So great

You look great...
I will always love you.
DJ Andy

Nice picture . She looks beautiful.

looking good, Whitney! I'll always love you.

Amazing Whitney...I love you .....

You look good ever. Your are so beauty. GBY

WOW can't believe I'm on my favorite singer's website. I've admired your singing for years. I'm a songwriter and would love for you to skidazzle your audience with these rythmic tunes.

sou sua fâ viu amo vc e suas musicassssssss esta linda como sempreeeee

Simply Stunning, Whitney looks absolutely, brilliantly beautiful. Just one of a kind brilliance.

Gorgeous Whitney!
simmone natasha joyette