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Comments (97)

este album é simplesmente maravilhoso whitney boa sorte nessa sua nova jornada nas radios da minha cidade a musica i look to you toca a toda hora whitney eu te amo


I am so happy to learn of your comeback to the music industry, your voice is amazing, I say that it reigns over all centurie's and now the Millennium. My late husband, who died at a early age of 41, nine years ago, along with myself was a fan of yours. He truly felt that hearing you sing stopped time, he enjoyed you greatly.

Just the other day, I was listening to the radio (Praise 91 FM... Atlanta) Dj - Coco Brother played a song that was so timely in a moment of trial and prayer called "I Look To You", it was like hearing my prayer in a song, as I listened I asked in my heart who is this singing? I knew it sound like you and yes, it was and I thank God for answering prayers and once again be able to hear your resounding, effortless voice. Thank you for putting lyrics to my prayer and that of many other listeners.

Whitney, I've never been to your live concerts, but I pray to attend one of your future concerts to celebrate with him (my late husband) in the spirit your triumphant return with a New Song of Life in your music.

May God Continue to Bless You, and Know that YOU are RESTORED in HIM!



You're simplyly the best girl!
You rock!

Whitney i am so glad that you are back. Im a big fan of yours and i love all of your songs so much. Keep up the good work.

I am just so thrilled that Whitney is back! There isn't enough good music out here today and her return is just what alot of us needed.

You're right friend! The music industry is not good today and Whiney comeback in a bad moment for the music and artits but, with her return I'm sure that this situation will change totally, not only the vision of the people brings over of the music, but also the way of thinking of many executives of record companies who are not capable of helping artists with real talent.
This one is the most important point that it's necessary to correct in order that the real artists could change the current situation into the musical industry and the people return to estimate the music like before.I think WHITNEY HOUSTON with her new CD (that is AMAZING!),is going to contribute that this changes.
Thank you for existing Whitney!!

Outstanding! I expected nothing less from Ms. Houston. My limited funds will be purchasing this cd. Stay true to your song, and you will always be successful.

Thank the Lord for guiding you through those times and returning you to your original roots.
You are blessed and now you have blessed us with this magnificent music on this CD.
One of your best CD's to date.
You are loved and will always be loved by the Lord and all of your fans.

I have order a number of copies of this excellent album and am so glad whitney is back. However, in the uk amazon is saying deliverey won't be till october and having been on itunes hoping to download it - ITS NOT EVEN LISTED - NOT EVEN ON PRE-ORDER - what is going on in the uk - I WANT A COPY ON MONDAY! But nevertheless i am so excited - it feels like christmas. x

I'm so excited for the event. I'm sure Whitney will make us dream!!