Clive Talks About Whitney's #1 on ET Tonight! | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Clive Talks About Whitney's #1 on ET Tonight!


Tune in tonight to catch Clive Davis discussing Whitney Houston and her #1 album on Entertainment Tonight, 7:30pm on CBS!

And if you just can't wait til then, click here for a sneak peak of Clive's interview!

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I waited for your album a long time, but the wait was defintely worth it. I'm so poud of you, Whitney. You have been trough so much, despite your falls.. you are still going strong! You're winner no matter what. Thank you, for just beeing you.
/ love, Sandra from sweden

clive hit all the high notes...literally. he is "the man"! literally hitting all areas - the songs, the voice, the Good Morning America appearance, Oprah, the press, the charts...i love it! so wise and a great "father" to her in the music business. so grateful for his wisdom and guidance and so happy that she is going to sing on Oprah! get ready!

The video, "I Look To YOU", is beautiful. Whitney, you look great girl, continue to look to him, (God), who is the author and finisher of your faith. May he empower you daily as you look to him. Thank God, SHE'S BACK!

Whitney's album is also # 1 on Top 100 Best Selling Albums in Poland this week:

Poland loves you Whitney!!! Smile

I have always been a Whitney Houston fan and I do not like this album. I think whoever has put it together is trying to suffocate what she has. The music is canned and the beauty and "in your face" talent that was there before is suffocated. I don't know who is handling what and how she sings but she needs to take control and let the Whitney that we feel in love with before come back. Blaze it Whitney!! We love you but this album is way too tepid for what you have. Blast your feelings out there. We feel them too. We all wanted to "dance with somebody" and now some of us have failed in love as well. Kick away whoever is leading the corny canned music and give us WHITNEY.

hello All

I purchased my new Whitney I Look To You... CD today its the only CD I buy since her last CD that show how much I adore her music and I'm soooooo Happy she is back because I missed seeing her beautiful smile......I watch the Clive Davis interview you can tell this man really love Whiney I don't thing he gives so much attention to any other artist he works with, he his truly like her 2nd Dad after all he has knowing her since she was a pre-teen he watch her grow-up into a lovely women watch her goes through her ups & down and I thing thats why he his heart has a spot for her.......Will I can't wait to see the Oprah interview I know I'm going to cry..Happy tears because she was able to get through her tough times... I wish Whitney all the best ingore the negetive people and suround yourself with people who loves you and adore you...

To one of the greatest voice of all time!!!!

whitney you are so biutiful i love you you are in my live for everysing i kiss you

Thank you, May GOD be with you.

The Ablum is HOT, all the songs on the album is incredible, especially the song Like I Never Left. If you listen to the words on that track, will have you exactly taking walks with Whitney threw her comeback. Its amazing, how the words in that track will leave you amazed at what she has gone threw to come back the way she has. I am a die hard Whitney Houston fan, and I am so very happy she is back, and I look forward to more from the queen, as she comes back even harder. Much love to you Whitney!!!!

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