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Clive Davis Talks New Whitney Houston Live Album


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Clive Davis just revealed in an interview that he is working on a WHITNEY HOUSTON LIVE ALBUM that is set to release later this year. Get the full details of the incredible news on

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Wonderful news! Long ago, we true fans of Whitney hopefully, live album! I'm waiting anxiously for this album, and I'll buy, so get out! I have the complete collection of CDs, of Whitney, and bought all again, from Amazon. I will always love you, Whitney, and while I live, you will live in me. I also want to DVS, of concerts live. Clives, please bid also all concerts on DVD, we deserve it. <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Awesome!!! Laughing out loud WooHoo!! I am so happy at this news. OMG! My heart is jumping high and hard!
WOW!!! I know the very first time I play it, I'm going to break down in tears.

Clive, if you ever read or get to hear this;
Please release the live version of " I will always love you" as it is heard in the end of the Bodyguard! In Bb flat! Smile

I wish you all the best Clive. RIP Nippy <3

You know an Afrikan man ain't supposed to show emotion, but I'm in tears everytime I see a video or listen to a song from my Whitney. How long am I supposed to mourn her? May her beautiful soul be at peace.