This morning Ryan Seacrest played a snippet of "Celebrate", the first song from the SPARKLE Soundtrack. Check out the full song here:

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Beautiful! Wow, lovely to hear such joy in Whitney's voice, sounded like she had a lotta fun making the track. A No. 1! Brings tears to my eyes that I will never hear that voice live again, feel the tingles down my spine. Whitney you are and will always be the best.

I love this song so very much.Whitney will always be the best singer of the you forever!

Great song very up beat one of greatest voice of our generation. The voice will be remember 100 years from now.

I love this song so up lifting, but still a little bittersweet. I miss you Whitney

This song could be a club jam!! Very uplifting, great work Whitney!!

LOVE this song so much! Cant wait for sparkle to come out!!! i know im gonna cry!Sad RIP Whitney, We will always love you!!!