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Celebrating the Musical Legacy of Whitney Houston


Whitney! Celebrating the Musical Legacy of Whitney Houston is a special exhibit at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The exhibit has been extended until May 2013 due to popular demand and features many items from Whitney's personal collection, including some of her costumes, awards and other memorabilia. This particular photograph by Richard Avedon was taken in 1987 as part of the photo shoot for Whitney Houston's second album, Whitney -- the first album by a female artist in music history to debut at #1 on the U.S. album chart.

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Oh man, I would love to go there. I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada and money is tight right now.
Wish I could see the exhibit of the most gifted singer in the world. I miss you Whitney, wish you were still here making beautiful music.

The Grammy museum is 4 floors. The 1st floor is the information desk and elevators. There are also 5 fiddles designed by an artist from cigar boxes. Floors 3 & 4 displayed instruments and costumes from heavy metal, classic rock, jazz, country & latin artists, songwriters, and a very impressive display of the R&B and Gospel genre. There are also instruments arranged like a band so you can put headsets on and listen to yourself play the guitar or drums. And two keyboards are set up so that you can play "Irreplaceable" and sing like Beyonce'.

The entire 2nd floor is dedicated to Whitney Elisabeth Houston:
There were 5 large display cases: In the first one, were scrapbooks with pictures I believe Cissy collected of Whitney's modeling shoots, and some passes that would have allowed her to the pre-Grammy party thrown by Clive Davis, and to the Grammy awards itself.

In the second case, was the multi-colored unitard you've seen in an early photo shoot on the left, the puffy red dress she wore when she accepted her first Grammy was in the center, and a white silk unitard incredibly small, like a size 0, with a low neck and large white buttons down the front to the mid-drift (this is probably the one she wore on the cover of the 1981 issue of Seventeen magazine). In between the gowns were more pictures, including the Seventeen magazine. Next to the multi-colored unitard, was Whitney's class photo at Mount St. Dominick's Catholic School in Caldwell, NJ. She is the only Black girl of the senior graduating class. Underneath this photo, is her diploma from the Sixth grade Class of 1975. Also, the famous photo of when she was five with her braids, and the one where Cissy has her arm around her in the kitchen with the mug that says, "Mom".

The third showcase displayed her white choir robe, the gray dress she wore in the "How Will I Know" video, and one of her famous styled high neck, long gowns. Her gowns were beautiful, and also amazingly small in the waist! None could have been above a size 2.

Another showcase had the "Queen of the Night" dominatrix outfit and the ivory dress from The Bodyguard, and on the far left, the rose-colored suit she wore in church for Sparkle.

Opposite of each showcase display, was a huge screen playing a commentary or memory of either David Foster, Clive Davis, Ricky Monor, or Whitney herself singing "I Will Always Love You".

In the last showcase, were all the main awards that Whitney had won over her 27 yr. career span including the 6 Grammys she won for her first album, the MTV awards, the NAACP awards, the American Music Awards, the British Music Awards along with many others. The site was overwhelming.

On the end cap of the second display, was an enormous 7 foot inscripture against a gold background describing Whitney as the amazing and incomparable vocal artist of all time. On the next two following end caps, were set ups each with a headset and 5 or 6 songs with buttons to push and have a private listen of your favorite Whitney Grammy hit. There was also a private sound booth with a large screen and microphone on a stand where one could go into and sing along a karaoke of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".

I had read in a few articles that her bible was to be displayed, and I was really looking forward to seeing her scribblings and markings written in her own hand. I was disappointed to find out it was not part of the display. I also expected to cry uncontrollably with sadness. However, Whitney's spirit and energy were everywhere that I found myself elated and filled with so much joy. I hadn't felt this much happiness in such a long time. Now I know the charisma that David Foster, Clive Davis, and Robyn Crawford always talked about. I have felt it, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Houston family.

Whiterabbit, you was privileged to see the exhibition of things, of Whitney. I imagine his emotion, in seeing all the things, of our Angel of Love, closely!!! Whitney, eternal love!!!