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‘The Bodyguard’ Re-Release This Wednesday, March 28th


The Bodyguard will be re-released for one night only this Wednesday, March 28th in theatres nationwide. For theatres and tickets visit fathomevents.com here.

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Jesus was who kept her going. It's what you read btw the lines and how she would say them. I too am having a hard time accepting that she's gone. I think it is hard for you to hear her sing "I Love The Lord" because it's from her heart. She was not a pop singing Diva they made her out to be. Whitney Houston was a gospel singer. Listen to the soundtrack of The Preacher's Wife. When she sang "Jesus Loves Me" accapella in The Bodyguard, everyone in the theatre was clapping. That was her true calling.

To "whiterabbit", I love her music dearly (such a sweet voice) but the song "I LOVE THE LORD" does something to me. I immediately began to cry the moment she starts to sing the first verse. I just become an emotional mess! It's like feeling her presence through this song. I'm sure I will eventually listen to the song again but for right now, I have to stay away from it....... this song hits home and I can just feel her around. <sigh>

Then, I know I'm not the only one who's an emotional mess each time I hear her sing through my car radio. It is a privilege to have this forum to process this grief with the rest of you. Peace, WR <3

StephenMD09: I was thinking that we should all release a balloon to the sky on Whitney's bday in Aug. Wherever you are around the world. Wouldn't that be cool?

We were glad to hear her record the song 'I Love The Lord.'

There came a time right after her death that some thought her demise was either murder or suicide due to the unusual circumstances at the Hotel that day and due to the recording 'I look to you' which has lyrics that describe in graphic detail her demise and how they found her body.

Mrs. Whitney (BRown) Houston, will always be known an Icon of R&B & Pop Music.

We will miss her!

I am waiting to see, the movie "Sparkle"!

Mrs. Whitney (Brown) Houston, was a human being - we have flaws and we make mistakes in our life.

Nobody should have a negative comment to make about her life & her death!

God Bless the Houston Family!

Let Mrs. Whitney (Brown) Houston REST IN PEACE!

I looked for the film and it was being shown in remote places. It would have taken me one hour to get to and from the film.

It's a real shame though that she died.

I still think it's some sort of 'who shot JR joke'

I love everything about Whitney Houston she was a true singer and not just a studio show she was the real thing and her music touched my soul and i know that she will always be in my heart Rest In Peace Whitney job will done

I really love that movie the bodyguard she really played that part in the movie. I really miss her and the way she sang her songs all her songs spoke to me. The really cant pick a favorite song because all her songs were very nice and she was an talented writter and preformer. She will always be missed and loved.

I will always love you

No Foul Play?


Must be joking

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