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I Will Always Love You - The Best of Whitney Houston

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Why do you? I'll never forget you.

When will they get off their collective butts and release a "Whitney Houston Best of LIVE PERFORMANCES" cd. I salivate at the thought! It would surely net them BIG BUCKS! I'm so tired of youtube downloads...GIMME SOMETHING professionally produced by the people that have her music!!!

You said it, joose59! How about pressing down that Washington D.C. concert onto vinyl and plastic???!! That was some of the best display of Whitney's talent ever witnessed. All in one night! Damn, I miss that girl!

Impossible to live whitout her, so horrible but I pray everyday for My Perfect DIVA, so
kind and careless with everyone, I love to know that she was so talent natural One, Beautiful Voice and can sing All kind of music, Excellente Performance in every song in special.I Love My DIVA forever!!!

Bye , i am in Italy now .
I am sorry .
when you come here ???
Antonio .

hi Whitney Houston I missing you you had a lovely voice you are a lovely woman I listen to your songs a lots I listen to it make me feel happy times I love you Monique Reid XXXXXX

love you Monique

so lovey I miss you whitney

I love you