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I Look To You


Released: 2009


Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Million Dollar Bill MP3
2 Play Track Nothin' But Love MP3
3 Play Track Call You Tonight MP3
4 Play Track I Look To You MP3
5 Play Track Like I Never Left MP3
6 Play Track A Song For You MP3
7 Play Track I Didn't Know My Own Strength MP3
8 Play Track Worth It MP3
9 Play Track For The Lovers MP3
10 Play Track I Got You MP3
11 Play Track Salute MP3

Comments (647)

From the snippets and released/leaked tracks available online, this is going to be the album of the decade. I have pre-ordered my ten copies. Whitney - you are an awesome woman. An inspiration.

"Salute" to the Queen.

The album sounds amazing! Call you tonight and a A song for you will be huge all around the world!
The best tracks of the album
1 - call you toight (from the snippet it sounds a SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
2 - A song for you (from the snippet it sounds "a new It's not right". Whitney will bang the clubs!
3 - Million Dollar Bill (ma girl Alicia and your best fella Swizz did a great job! )

Can't wait until August 31st! Love the songs that have been released so far and can't wait for the rest. So glad Whitney is back, lookin' like a "Million Dollar Bill".

Im still in love with Whitney Smile

All the songs and snippets that have been released so far are great! A fresh sound that stays true to classic Whitney style! Whitney looks and sounds absolutely fabulous! Looking forward to hearing the album in it's entirety. Whitney makes all her fans preach "Nothin' But Love" for her!

Whitney, you couldn't have come back at another time... Just right!

I think this album is gonna be a real hit around the globe!
The songs are slick and polished to perfection.
It's great 2 hear Whitney sing up tempo songs once again.
I'm so glad she is comng back , I have waited 7 years on this album and the wait is almost over Smile
From what I've heard from snippets of the album my faves are Saulte , For the Lovers and Call You Tonight. I really hope Whitney releases For the Lovers it has No1 written all over it!

Miss Houston I Salute You , Nippy is back

Much Love from Bonny Scotland x

All the Snippets I have heard sound great!!! Fresh sound without trying to fit Whitney into today's music, simply amazing. Pop, R&B and some dance music, what more could anyone want??!! I Look To You is a simple yet inspirational ballad and very beautiful!!! Million Dollar Bill, what can I say is da ish!!! Luvin both singles!!! August 28 cant come sooooon enough!!!
Whitney is BACK yall!!!

I can not wait to hear the rest of her new CD, if "I Look To You" is this great, I know that I
am in for a real treat and Our "Whitney" is back!!!! God Bless You My Sister.

The "Diva" is Back and she is taking no prisoners.