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Hi Karen, I know how much will be sad, for you and your children, spend the first Christmas without their loved Phil, but I also know that Phil is very happy where he is, seeing close up, your Nippy Angel, who one day came to earth cheer us with her beautiful voice incomparable, and unique, that this planet has heard. I remember, once, Phil wrote that asked for the Nippy Angel, take him, so I say that he is happy in Paradise listening to the beautiful voices that only exists in the Kingdom of God!! Peace and love to you and your family. God, Phil, and Nippy Angel are with you!! Nothing But Love!!!

Hi Girls glad to hear you've recieved your DVD /CD hope you are enjoying it as much as I am having watched this DVD over and over again I now realise what you all see in our lovely lady man can she sing or what and such a beautiful lady my ive fallen in love with Whitney and also as you all do wish she was still with us ,but she is keeping me going at the moment time is hard now as me and my sons prepare for our first Christmas without our beloved Phil hope you all enjoy xmas have a great time with your families its precious love you all xx