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I Look To You
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That beautiful words, karen!!! Be assured that our God, and our Nippy Angel is taking care of of the your beloved, and our friend Phil!!! I'm also anxious to hear the CD / DVD, Whitney, and already bought my!! Karen, every time you hear Whitney can be sure that Phil will be happy with you!! God bless you, Nippian friend!!! I think Whterabbit, and Kimberlyn are blocked !!! Hello, girls, what's going on with you guys??? Love Wink Wink

A big hello to all my Whitney girls I have really started to see what Phil and all you girls see in Whitney since Phil passed away I have seen The Bodygaurd and The Preachers Wife so many times and every evening I find myself listening to her songs and now ive pre ordered her latest live cd and dvd and cannot wait to watch and listen to her its no wonder you all love her so much as I find myself also loving her so much I really wished I watched her more when my Phil was here with me please Whitney look after him for us