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Whitney Houston & Clive Davis Unveil "I Look To You"

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Whitney, I can't put into word's the hurt i'm feeling right now for you and your family,May god rest your soul,the world has lost so much, rest in peace dear Whitney.love alway's Rene'

My heart is completely broken. I still find it hard to believe that Whitney is no longer with us. But, I felt her passing for the first time last night when I saw the re-air of her last interview with Oprah in 2009. I cried as though I lost my best friend. I have love and supported Whitney through the good and the bad times. Others turned their backs on her when she was "experiencing" life trials and tribulation. May God bless her family and allow them to feel at peace knowing that she is in heaven singing with the Heavenly Angels, in which I know she is the lead singer.

I remember like it was yesterday. My dad had gone to Venture and purchased Whitney Houston's self-titled debut album...on tape. I quickly asked if I could listen to it and took it upstairs to play on my little bubblegum pink Magnavox radio. I remember sitting back it that little corner of a room I shared with two brother's and just becoming lost in each note and each lyric. I had never heard a voice like Whitney's before. Never. So rich and pure in its tone. So smooth and rich. So passionate and captivating. Those beginning notes from "You Give Good Love" just grabbed me. I sat and I played that tape over and over again until I fell asleep on it. That tape is down in the basement now, a more precious kept treasure now than it has ever been.
By chance I had discovered I could keep a tune in the car one day picking my brother up from 6th grade camp. I was singing along with a Stacy Lattisaw song which was a remake, Love on A Two Way Street. I was so shy I didn't want anyone to know so I kept it to myself. By the time middle school hit I was in Vocal Music class and my teacher, Mr. Estes would offer extra credit to any child who would go to the back and sing a snippet of a song. I would never go. Never. One day in the eighth grade he selected Whitney Houston's, "Greatest Love of All". I had sung it in secret many times at home but I wasn't going to dare sing it in front of my peers. By now semester after semester had passed and I never went up. Mr. Estes kept pressing me. The class started all yelling, "Cherise, Cherise, Cherise!' I finally went to the back of the room and sang the song. I was supposed to stop after the chorus but Mr. Estes kept playing. I sang the entire song!! The class clapped for me. There were pats on the back and words of encouragement. I was still mortified!! Later that year Mr. Estes talked me into participating in the school's annual talent show. The Greatest Love of All would become my first public solo. I had a hand me down light purple velvet suit on and some black flats. I was so nervous. I gripped that mic like my life depended on it. As soon as the song was over I ran through the back gym doors. I haven't stopped singing since.
Whitney Houston created a passion in me for singing that can not be credited to anyone else besides God and my parents. She was like my big sister. I watched everything she did. Listening to everything she sang. Everything she said in her interviews. I wanted to be like my big sister.
I remember hearing about the Welcome Home Heroes special on HBO in 1991. At the time we didn't have cable but a local R&B music station had been announcing that they would be broadcasting a live simulcast of the special for our Gulf War Heroes. Whitney was always giving back and reaching out to people but those gestures very rarely made the cover of the tabloids, magazines and entertainment shows. I remember I asked Daddy if he could buy me a blank tape so that I could tape it. I listened attentively from beginning to end. I remember that she gave me goosebumps. I remember hearing her smile in that concert. I recall that I prayed to God that night to please let me be a singer. Please let me make people feel as happy as Whitney does. God, if I could just make people be filled with joy from singing like my sissy does, I will be happy. Please God. Keep blessing my Whitney. Amen.
I was at home alone when I first heard "I Will Always Love You". We had this huge stereo in the kitchen. It had the turntable and 8 track on the inside. My dad still has it to this day. I heard the first few words acapella..."If iiiii should stay...I would only be in your way..eeeeeee.' I was floored. Literally. I got down on the floor and pressed my ear against the speaker. It was amazing from beginning to end. I got up and I said, 'WOW!! What was that?' She had done it again. So many moments like that.
I can recall when I was chosen for U.S. Chorus, the first time I would travel to sing. During rehearsal breaks I was singing "I'm Your Baby Tonight" to the cast..."

Looks like I'm fatal, It's all on the table
And baby you hold the cards, You got the magic
And I've got to have it, I don't want the pieces
I want every single part, I'll be your angel
I'm ready and able, Whatever you want is fine
Whenever you're ready, just call on your lady
And I'll be your baby tonight

Whitney is and will always be my angel, my baby. My sister. My vocal coach. My mentor.

I can't count all the moments that she and her music have given me. To write an account of all of those precious times would take a book (as you can see ;-D ).
But I want to say this to Whitney. You will always be in my heart. Your the big sister I never had. You were a big sister, a play momma, a mentor to millions of people whose lives you touched with that golden voice, that million dollar smile and the grace, style and elegance that transcended color, religion, political lines and any other element of separation. You brought us together with THE VOICE!!! There will never be another like you sissy.
To your other supporters and admirers from the past and present. My heart is filled with prayers for Mama Houston, Gary, Michael, Bobbi Kris, Bobby, Dionne, Aunt ReRe, CeCe, Kim B, and all of your other family and close friends. God is close. He never leaves us. In fact, he draws closer at times like this. Your Nippy is with her Savior, Jesus Christ. She rests in His loving arms now. He now holds her and keeps her. She is singing to him with that beautiful voice of hers. It is completely as he created it; complete and whole. She is singing with her whole heart. Her body, mind and soul are free. The heavens are pleased. The angel choir has its lead singer now.
You're my angel now. Your music will continue on. Your legacy is eternal.I will not say good bye because I have every confidence that I will see you again. I love you Whitney.

To Misreet
What a beautiful testament to our "Whitney". You personalized it and made it so moving. My heart just ached while reading it. I wish you much success in your singing. I would love to her you. I know Whitney is guiding you. You truly studied her. I did too. I was in awe of her "Voice", her regal beauty; gliding through her notes sprinkling joy to our ears!!

I love you Whitney Houston I can't stop looking at your pictures and videos I mss you Whitney Houston

Well, above all else I am deeply moved by the way her tenacity and her strength moved mountains and so rightfully had done so, right in front of the audience and nothing Made a Better Difference to her than all her endeavors recognized by the hurt and stress to make an album and the hard work alongside wonderful voices and nothing can ever compare to her. She was the moment in time and she had love is still is legacy to all those struggling in the world today. My inspiration came when I seen her alongside a news reporter is Los Angeles and she winked at me. SHE CARED FOR ALOT OF PEOPLE AND HER FANS

Whitney you look great as always! R.I.P.!! X