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Try It On My Own

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whitney a powerfull singer-performer that can't sing as well as before's a pitty...but i'm very proud of her that she made it through all this and finally is alive....i love you whitney.....and i want you to come in Greece......there are so much funs.....waiting for your appearence.....please come.....and bring jennifer hudson with you.....please.....i'm begging you....

I love this song It,s like it defines your no quit attitude. I HAVE NEVER HEARD A BAD WHITNEY HOUSTON SONG... KEEP SHINNING..



whitney this is nme keyshia again u rock and please cuome to the bahamas i really would like to become a singer soooooooo badly again am 16 years old live in the bahamas on nassau street,the school i go to is called c.c.sweeeting senior and my last name is clarke am really hopeing u would you whitneyxoxoxo

love this song whitney keep it up

whitney this is my best song u eva wrote u musta wrote this 2 me.csan u please repely back whitney houston in would really like 2 become a singer an dont know were 2 start can u plesase help me an 16 u have a daughter imagine how she would feeel if she was in my shoe i really want 2 make it my emailk is any 1 who reads this please help me really,and my facebook name is lakeishaclarke please whitney love ya 2death xoxo keep up the good work be in contact soon kisses....

loive you whitney 4 real keep it up


I have being to University and studies music, why are there more promises for our aged people, is i have only One Lord and i believe he is kind, gentle, perfect in his ways so i ask you for one more noun.
'Love' is special from the King of Kings, that when i ask for his direction, he gave me this from Romans 8:38 "There is no height no depth, no angel nor demon, nor life nor death that can take us away from the love of God", that's through Christ Jesus Dear Whitney.
I hope and pray that we both today have a real reason for our lives, so much to those say it is foolishness, i leave with these kind words, so there.


GOD wil protect you... i am just 32 years and i have followed you since i was a kid. i love you and have been praying for you. i know nothing will ever take you away from your songs and GOD.. ITS A GIFT TO HELP PEOPLE IN NEED. thank YOU......... YOU ARE PROTECTED.

Go GO.Are these viseo,s for sale ?. This is romeo ha ha.