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As I was listening to your tunes "Miracle" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" it took me back. God gave you a beautiful gift to sing like you do. My favorate are "The Greatest Gift of All" and "Miracle." Keep singing My Sister.

God bless you for your beautiful gift of songs and voice of harmony so nice

Your fan always
Doris Washington
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I am so Happy That You Found Your Way Back To Your Music & Your Singing..I Remember The First Time I Heard the Name Whitney Houston. On A Soap Opera Way Back When..As The World Turns.. A Unknown Superstar in The Works...God Knew You
Needed to Get Back To Your Fans & Your Singing...I am So Glad You Found Your Way
Out of The Darkness...Keep Singing.....And Always Remember You Have a Lot of Fans That Missed That Your Beautiful Voice.
God Bless You Whitney
And Thanks For The Song
Sandra Balchin

Thank you Lord for Whitney. God bless you Whitney. I thank God for blessing you and your daughter with Strength, Life and Love. I thank God for you showing with in your Heart the outward appearence saved by Gods Grace and giving you blessings with Angels that watches over you and your daughter, which is a reflection from your daughter.
Your songs represent your inwardness of your soul.
"No weapon formed against you shall prosper". Whitney, your daughter and yourself have beaten that weapon and won. Love you Whitney.
If you ever want a friend to pray with-do not hesitate- email me at

Thanks for reading my comment
Linda L.

well i know this will not go anywhere but I am a music writer.I am not perfect but I think I have the type of musical writing ability to really write you{whitney} some awesome music.I simply have no idea how to contact you.I do hope at some point we can share some ideas.Call me a dreamer I know.Anyway I absolutely love your ability and talent.I do try to study small things about you since your return and I still feel like we can work on some stuff alot of the music I write is often what I call jazzy r&b.Its just different I guess but none the less totally you.Forgive me for what I am about to say and i mean this with all respect the message must be intense,sometimes this music will not be safe tones we must pick very wisely when working on each octive and tone which sometimes will not be the same thing.It may take a while to get our voices and rythms and tones working in sync however I do hope we can find eachouther setting across a piano one day.always gonna love you whitney, Derrick

Whitney ~ I get so emotional when I think about you and your life!

4 Words - I love you Whitney!

This is the Whitney Houston we love!! watch this please and leave a comment watch this please and leave a comment

Hi, I'm trying to contact with Whitney, with no success.
I'm a composer, and I have a beautiful song ready for her to sing. I'm sure she will like, and I'm sure the song can be a success with her voice.

Visit my profile in

The song "I'll be There" is waiting for the voice of Whitney. Saludos!

P.s:People, fans of Whitney, go and listen to my song, and If you like, help me to contact her, just writing messages for her about this song "I'll be There"

If you need me.I'm here.Terry.