Million Dollar Bill

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Dear Whitney,
You are truly one of the greatest of all time. I believe your music and style is timeless.Your album that dropped was REAL. I wish you all the blessings that God has in store for you. Know this my sister he didn't save you for nothing. I hear all this trash about you and your performances and I pray for you.
I've been where you have been, and I'm telling there is a way out but you must go thru.
I understand the love of the party but you know ain't know love there.
I understand the desire to have things but things won't sustain you.
I signed up here to offer to you what was given to me freely a simple concept that freed my mind and my spirit. I hope it works for you to.
YOU HAVE CHOICES. I know seems simple but It's not.
A leaf goes where a outside source decides, whether it's the wind or water.
A leaf is passive.
Take CONTROL of your ship and you will be fine.
Much love

thank q 2 the creators of this website.i am a die hard Whitney "Nippy" Houston fan n i love her 2 life.shes dealt with alot of mess from all areas of her life n yet Jehovah God pulled her through n she bounced back better than ever.i jus viewed her xfactor performance along with her interview n performance on the german show n i must say i get goose bumps n cry like a baby cuz shes doing her thang n doing it well.i am a recovering addict n kno the ups n downs of trying 2 stay clean 1 day at a time but with strong determination n Jehovah Gods help it can n will b done.thank q 4 ur ongoing strength n courage Ms. Houston.wiyh u as my inspiration the road wont b long 2 travel.keep belting out ur heartfelt songs n words of wisdom given 2 u by Ms. Cissy Houston n Ms. Dionne Warwick but most importantly the tru God of ur understanding Jehovah.i will always love u no matter what the tabloits say cuz when its all said n done u only have 2 answer 2 God.

Dear Whitney i love you very much but unfortunately i ve never been on your concert :S:S:S Sad
am only dream about it! :S but I'm watching you, and I am very glad that you came back! love you Sexy:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

Whitney- As you where a rising star I was working in the nursing home near your moms home in E. Orange. We're both the same age. I feel like I grew up with you. You've done great things- made some mistakes- grew from them and have pressed on with life. You are back sharing your gift with us.So many of us are thrilled you are back. Just remember baby, we are a little bit older now- we may fit in the same size jean we did in the 80's but they fit differently now- you know what I mean? You do what you can do- don't try and go back in time. We love you for who you are now... today. Share with us what you have now....You are beautiful inside and out. Peace and ever lasting love and light to you.

Dear Whitney, todays evening all your fans get hungry to your songs. Your voice is wonderful floating from upper tons to highest. Your stage-show is great performance. Gerrtings to your e-piano-player. His soloparts have been amazing to me, an piano-player too. The video shows to your songs are beautiful, your look has been glamoury.
You are a great singer-diva, the greatest one!!!
Dear Martin and Sabine

This is what am talking about, girl you are back don't let nothing or no one stop what the Lord has put in you to touch people life's. God hands are upon you, so you keep on doing what you best, sing with the voice that God above give to you.

Me and my girls love this song
My husband is always off travelling for work,and when myself and the girls get lonely for Dad,we put this song on to kinda fill the void,jump round and have some fun.
And when dad comes home,he always treats Ma like a Million Dollar Bill,and treats his baby girls like Diamonds and Pearls.
Thanks Mz Whitney for the great music.

I just want to say I love you from the whole heart that GOD has given me and I want all of your clothes. LOL!

Whitney i love you, you are my idol may God continue to bless that beautiful voice of your. You are truely an inspiration.

your faith really did keep you through out your darkest hours. I am glad to see that you have hold your head up high, cause truely you cannot break. You are amazing a true Diva. Keep smiling, keep shining, keep on singing.