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Million Dollar Bill

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well when is the grr8test singer going to touch down in CANADA.I knew ur songs before i could speak or understand english.

You are the best Whitney. I love your music and may God continue to bless you. You inspire me so much through your music. Keep up the good work. Your music is impacting in my life. I will always love you Whitney.

This is a superb song. What a talent does Whitney posses. I love you Whitney.Do it for us. Your look totally incredible.

Dear Ms. Houston,
hello my name is Imani Langhorne. I love your music and everything you do . My community and I have talented singers, dancers, musicians , and so much more . If we dont get the finances, knowone will succeed .Please come to our community, alcolu,SC and see all of our telented people. Please help us in our time of need. Thank you for your support.

Hi Whitney, my name is Alfredo, from Colombia, to my always I have liked your music, you are a genius and talent of voice and simultaneously exquisite and fabulous, always I have liked the black music, in fact I feel identified with them and since my mother was black, because of it I will never get tired of repeating it, I am proud of the black music and your you have been, are and u`ll be a faithful representative of her,THAT GOD BLESS U!

What can I say about you Whitney, ummmmmmm Stunning and Gifted I think are the 2 words that come to mind. I have never seen you looking so lovely Whitney, you will never see me but each day I see you on my PC as my screen saver. God bless from Michael in Cape Town, South Africa.

I love you Whitney, I missed you so much welcome back. Please come to South Africa...

I love you Whitney, I missed you so much welcome back. Please come to South Africa...

Whitney, you are the Voice. There is a reason you are called the Voice. You are such a blessing to a lot of us. The power of your voice says you never left. Thank you for coming back to sing once more. The people who thought they had the power to take you down and break you they now realise how wrong they were. We waited and the wait was well worth it.