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Million Dollar Bill

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I love you Whitney!!!!

Dear Whitney,
The devil is a liar! I am most greatful to my Heavenly Father that He has brought you through Baby Girl just like I knew He would! You have always been an inspiration to me through it all! You are human and we all have trials and you are stronger for it.

I've been a fan since I was 15 years old and experiencing being in love for the first time, singing "You Give Good Love" all day, every day. Lord knows I needed you to record this album, it is truly a reflection of my life right now.

So from the bottom of my heart Miss Whitney! You are a True Diva and I want to thank you for giving me and the world yet another Extraordinary album.

Stay true to yourself and God, and I am praying that He continues to Bless you and your family.

Love Ya!
Your #1 Fan,

I real love the new videos of my one and only whitney specialy Million Dollar Bill she looks more atractive than ever.....

Stunning, beautiful, talented, radiant woman - wow ! I love this video ! It reminds me of a lot of things Whitney has given us with her music from the very beginning of her career. Thank you Alicia Keys for writing this up-beat, electrifying, well spirited song, that suits Whitney Houston just like one of those amazing outfits she's wearing in the video Smile I feel so much better in this world when I see such amazing role models, who make me very proud to be a woman, too ! THANK YOU !!!

Welcome back! I am thrilled for your return to the industry. Thank God for His grace and for bring you into this world to share your beauty and esquisite and soulful voice. I feel for you as you never left! Keep bringingus joy through you and your talents... Your loving fan, B


To God Be the Glory! I have always had the faith that you would return to my musical life and be a blessing to me once more and you have. Thank God! I have missed you so. I hate to be long winded here but I have to tell you this. In 1992 when my son was a baby. Every time your video came on television he would scoot his walker right up to the screen, hold his head back with his mouth open like a baby bird waiting to be fed. He was a very active baby scooting all over the house in his walker but your voice always stopped him dead in his tracks. Honestly! It was the most amazing thing because he never reacted to any other vocalist but you; oh and me of course, LOL. But he only reacted to my singing when I tried to sing your song. Every night at bed time I sang a song from The Preacher's Wife, "Who Could Imagine A King." My son is 17 years old now and a musician himself. I can not wait to see his reaction to you now. You have picked up right where you left off; at the TOP! God Bless You! Hold On and Keep Keeping On! My Family and I Love You.

Peace & Blessings,

So BLESSED to hear anything from you--ICONIC, SPIRITUAL and just uplifts me!

Keep up the GREAT WORK! Smile


When I saw the video to Million Dollar Bill I Smiled and said we've got our WHITNEY back.
God is good...He had his angels watching out for you. Thank God for Praying Mothers.
You go Whitney and enjoy your life and give God the praise. You were Great on Oprah.

A fan for life...God bless you & your family.

Ms. Locks

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney,

Oh my goodness. I can't even express how happy I am for you and your family. I am in New Bedford, MA (small) and I called the radio station to let them know I want to hear you.
Million Dollar is a great song and also I look to you, what can you say.

I have loved you since you came out and I don't ever recall you coming in this neck of the woods, but I know you would pack them in. Praise god for giving you strength to get thru the hard times and to keep going. Your daughter is beautiful and looks alot like Bobby too.
I pray for your family and your Mom is the best. She reminds me of my mom. Very strong woman.

Again, I hope you come this way so I can go to one of your shows if you tour. May god form a blanket of his love around your family and stay strong in him.