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In My Business! That was easy, Whiterabbit! Kimberlyn, when you come to Brazil, you will love! Health, Phil! God bless you! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Trying to adjust to European time zone...wheew... it's kicking my behind!!! it's 7am here in Rome lol...... Whiterabbit....."In my business" is the name of the song.......

Hello all its Karen just a quick update on Phil not great news im afraid he has had to have 1 leg amputated and also 1 arm operations have gone well but he is finding it so hard to accept this so its really hard for us all to come to terms with this he was a very keen golfer and played regually with our 2 sons and has now seen this taken from him buy an idiot drunk driver I will keep you all informed god bless you all we all love the support you have shown love you all Karen

You are both correct, Dirlene and Kimberlyn! You're right, that was an easy trivia. I will make it a bit harder for the next one.
Karen, please tell Phil everything will end up as it is supposed to. All in divine order. He will play golf again with his sons one day. There are prosthetics that work beautifully. It's a test. God always throws us tests so that we may grow in our strength. NBL for Phil.
Song Trivia:
"Lost sight of my dream,
Thought it would be the end of me.
I thought I'd never make it through
I had no hope to hold on to,
I thought I would break
__ ____ ____ __ ___ _______."

I didn't know my own strength...
I crash down and
I tumbled but I did not crumble
I got through all the pain....
I didn't know my own strength

Kimberlyn is right!!!! I DID NOT KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH!!!! Karen, tell Phil that we are praying for him! It'll be fine!! Have faith in God! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Attention Nippians of duty: Game of the exciting World Cup, United States x Portugal! The United States was losing the game 1x0. End game: United States, and Portugal, 2x2. The classification of the United States was, for the next game with Germany. Good luck for the American team. Whiterabbit, Kimberlyn, and Phil, God bless you! Smile NBL

Yesss!!! That is correct. "I Didn't Know My Own Strength". And that song is dedicated to Phil.
Song Trivia:
"If there's a time
When the tears should fill your eyes
And you can't see past the shadows
To the sun on the other side
Don't despair
Because there always will be someone there
Don't lose faith
Love won't let you lose your way, because you
______ ________ _______ _______ ... "

You'll Never Stand Alone!!! This was also easy, Whiterabbit! Health Phil! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Easy for any true Nippian! Kimberlyn, where are you???

Song Trivia:
"And so you know the way it feels to cry
The way that I cried when you broke my world in two
And baby I learned the way to break a heart
---- ------------------- ------- ------ --------, ---- -------------------- -------- ---------."