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Hey Whiterabbit, Dirlene and Phil!!! I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the heat!! I'm still getting my new house in order while trying to prepare for travels and summer camp with my kiddies!! As always Whitney is forever in my heart!! PURPLE BALLOONS UP TO HEAVEN FOR YOU WHITNEY!! muah.....I LOVE YOU MY SONG BIRD!

I'm glad to know of you guys, Nippians! I'm fine, and enjoying the World Cup! You guys will follow U.S. games, Nippians?? Health Phil! Happy World Cup to the country of you guys, Nippians! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Kimberlyn came out from hiding! Glad to hear the Nippian family are all having a great summer. Phil, please keep us posted on your recovery.
There is a growing violence in the world, Nippians. Let's continue to spread world peace.

Hello all its Karen here sorry its been a while but Phil is sadly still in hospital he has had two quite major operations and is not to well at the moment he still really misses his chats with you all and I am sure he wishes you all the best enjoy the world cup and good luck to your teams speak soon love Karen x

:'( Thank you for the update, Karen. We are keeping Phil in our prayers. NBL

Thank you for giving us information, of Phil, Karen. I am praying for him to leave as quickly as possible ,of this hospital. The World Cup in Brazil is very good, tell the Phil. Whiterabbit, how are you? I'll throw a lot, of purple balloon, to our sweetie Nippy, and continue praying for peace in the world! I love Nippy family! Kimberlyn, God bless you guys everyone! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

So I just logged on and read Karen update on Phil..... prayers go up for the family!!! My god, life is short, we need to enjoy it to the fullest....... I hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying this heat!! I'm on my way to Italy, Greece and Turkey for a much needed summer vacation without the children........ yaay me!!!m

That's cool, Kimberlyn! Have a great vacation! You should come to Brazil to see the games from your Country at the World Cup!! Game Ended, USA XGana, 1x1. Corner kick for the U.S., I thought, in Whitney, and goal, of the USA! 2x1, USA! The Angel, Whitney Helped USA!

Dirlene, I would love to come to Brazil!! Never been there but I know it would be a treat! Whiterabbit! how are you my dear!! Karen how is Phil? I've been praying for your family! Things happen for a reason we just have to trust god and know that he is in control of our lives

Hey Kimberlyn, you lucky gal. Getting to travel to Europe. My dream. MY DREAM, you hear???
Smile Go USA!!! Woo-hoo! Thanks for the play-by-play of the game, Dirlene. Now I know what happened!
I honestly think Phil is going to pull through everything just fine. Whitney has his back!

Whitney Song Trivia: "Why they up in my business? It's just too ridiculous. I can't get no sleep. They just keep haunting me. Should I believe it?" Name this song.