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Whiterabbit, we have to ask at the Clive Davis, to launch on DVD, all concerts, of Whitney! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Whiterabbit and DiWhitney you can view the performance on youtube as well. I'm African American, Cherokee Indian, German decent..... My mother is African American/Cherokee Indian and my dad is African American/German

Awesome, Kimberlyn. I am Tenochitl Indian, French & Spanish. Thanks for sharing.
DiWhitney, as far as getting Clive Davis to release any live performance of Whitney, it ain't gonna happen. I think we need to pressure Mama Houston. She's the only one who will ask Pat Houston to push things along. But we shouldn't give up trying.
Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. Nippians!

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, Nippians. I think pretty much the celebration of you Americans. Here in Brazil, we do not have, celebration, of the day of Thanksgiving. We will to press, Pat Houston, to launch, of the concerts, live, of Whitney. God bless you!!! NBL.

I have begun listening to all of Whitney's holiday music to officially welcome the 2013 Christmas Season! "Do You Hear What I Hear?".... "Who Would Imagine A King"...... "Joy".....and, "One Wish- The Holiday Album".
Nippians, as we approach the anniversary of the transitioning of our Lady Diva, how will you commemorate her greatness? What will you create on Feb. 11 to honor her memory?

Whitney Trivia: What was Whitney's most favorite time of year?


I'll play your music all day long! It is the best way of keeping it alive. The other answer, I don't know.

Trivia answer: Whitney's favorite time of the year is Christmas. I heard her say it on a show once and what I'm going to do is of course play her music all day, sneak in the cemetery to pay my respects to her.... Pray and talk to her for a few minutes and of course keep my candle lit in the spare room in her honor.

Yessss!!! Christmas was her favorite time of year.
I too will play her music all day and reminisce of the many wonderful and funny moments that have impacted my life. Kimberlyn, you rebel, be careful not to get caught! Yes, I will also burn a candle all day. And, of course, we'll all cry...